Morning Static: Special LOST Edition

• Get the LOST lowdown, thanks the this epic one, two, three part interview with LOSTerminds Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse by the Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan.
• Introducing the second-most-anticipated premiere of the season, get TOTALLY LOST!
• Before you go down the hatch one last time, here [according to EW’s Doc Jensen] is the one scene you MUST watch.
• Don’t hold your breath for JACK & KATE PLUS EIGHT, Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly say they’re done with television after LOST.
• Listed: Time Magazine’s 10 Favorite episodes.
• Found: LOST’s Top 100 Quotes.
• Leftover: The unanswered questions.
• Interesting: Why LOST Owes us Nothing.
• Get caught up with… Claire, Kate, Hurley, Richard, Sun and Jin Kwon, Sayid, Sawyer, Jack.
• Wish we were there, thousands of screaming LOST fans packed Wakiki Beach over the weekend for a sneak peak of the show’s final season.
• One mystery solved, meet the man behind the voice of ‘Previously, on LOST.’

Non-LOST related Morning Static after the jump.
• Just when you thought Matthew Perry’s new ABC Comedy pilot couldn’t get anymore exciting, THE WEST WING’s Allison Janney signs on.
• Matthew Broderick is diving into television: One wonders if he realizes that he just signed onto Paul Simms pitch for the sixth season of NEWSRADIO that never happened.
• SNL Reunion Alert: Andy Samberg to drop by Amy Poehler’s PARKS AND RECREATION.
• Good news if you’re fans of re-imaginations and small screen adaptations of popular young adult novels, despite losing millions of dollars the CW is here to stay.
• Spoiler Alert! McDreamy and Meredith are in it for the long haul.

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