Swing and a Miss: We Fix HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER


Talk about false advertising! Titled “The Perfect Week,” last night’s instalment of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER was, well, imperfect and weak.

Watching Barney try to score with seven women in seven days stripped the character of any development he’d made during his relationship with Robin and only proved that breaking them up was one of the worst calls in the show’s history.

Sticking with the sports metaphors, as much as it pains us to say this, creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays really dropped the ball. Rather than borrow a page from the FRIENDS playbook that saw creators David Crane and Marta Kaufman brilliantly reinvigorate their fledgling series by unexpectedly bringing together Monica and Chandler, Thomas and Bays got cold feet and sent Barney and Robin to the showers. Cold ones at that.

Granted, this is a rare case of a show which usually hits home runs striking out. And it’s not exactly a sign that the team needs to be benched. But maybe it’s time to consider bringing in a pinch hitter. If FRIENDS taught us anything with the introduction of Mike (played by a then-unknownPaul Rudd), it’s that the best way to keep things fresh is by bringing in some new blood. Not just a famous actor being stunt cast in the role of designated hitter for a week or two but an actual, honest-to-goodness new cast member to add into the rotation.

It may not be the bottom of the ninth just yet, but throwing a curve ball is always a good way to get the audiences attention. Forget finding the mother of his future children… what Ted really needs is a couple of new friends!

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  • Ace

    I thought it was pretty funny and my husband enjoyed all of the sports jokes but I do agree that the show could use a few new characters. I feel pike it might actually be a great time to introduce the Mother for just that reason!

  • John

    I strongly disagree. Obviously you’re a hardcore Barney-Robin shipper, but I really don’t mind the lack of character development if the show stays as creatively strong. This was an entire episode essentially set in one place, the bar, and every character had their own storyline told just from their PoV. It was a nice and unique way of telling stories, and that ability to feature different and creative narrative techniques is what keeps me watching. Also, you can’t use Friends, because for Monica and Chandler there’s Joey and Rachel, which was painfully stupid and awkward.

  • I agree with a lot of this — except that Paul Rudd was unknown when he appeared on Friends. He may not have been in any Judd Apatow films yet, but he was far from unknown.

    But I completely agree with your criticisms regarding the show. I thought it was a disappointing episode too.

  • Cathy

    I also strongly disagree. I love that the old Barney is back. He makes this show, and I hated him and Robin together. I think their split was the best decision. I thought this episode was funny, and was a great “filler” for the season.

  • Josh Emerson

    I agree with John. I enjoyed the episode. For me, the Barney-Robin storyline was really weak and needed to end when it did. They were no Chandler and Monica. The truth is, it felt like Barney just wasn’t Barney anymore. Say what you will, but I don’t believe there’s a need to try to change the character of Barney and make him something that he isn’t. The show is a hell of a lot funnier when they don’t do that.

    I wouldn’t mind some new characters though. I’d love to see Rachel Bilson appear again, and I’m one of the people who thinks they really should bring the mother on well before the series ends.

  • To my detractors (ie. Cathy, Josh Emerson, and John)

    While I will admit that I might be being a little too harsh on last night’s episode, I really do think that it was symptomatic of a larger issue with the show. That being, that the repetitive nature of it. While not there yet, the characters are becoming caricatures of their former selves. And while I can appreciate that Bays and Thomas didn’t want to neuter Barney with a relationship, something has to change.

    While Paul Rudd wasn’t an unknown to nerdy entertainment addicts like you and me, I’m willing to bet that he was relatively unknown to your average FRIENDS viewer.

  • Tiera

    I’m a big Robin & Ro

  • Tiera

    I’m a big Robin and Barney fan as much as the next guy, but I really enjoyed last night’s episode. Yes the old Barney’s back, but there were also hints of the new one. I thought that this episode showed Barney’s insecurites and him in a vunerable state, but in order to avoid such feelings his mission was to score the perfect week. I also love the separate storylines in the POV of the other characters

  • I disagree with the assessment of the episode.

    1) I see this as a step in Barney and his eventual self-realization that there is more in life. If my reading of the future is right, then Barney and Robin will one day wind up together and all of the stuff that Barney does now is sort of a precursor to that.

    2) Friends? Really? There is no comparison to the two shows in my mind. Friends just seemed to hit familiar notes even when they tried “something new”. Paul Rudd felt more like Poochie on the Simpsons then anything bold.

    My two cents.

  • forg

    Paul Rudd was part of CLUELESS, one of most popular movies in the 90s so for me he was not an unknown when he joined FRIENDS

    I like Robin-Barney at first but when they got together, they got boring, I’m glad old Barney is back.

  • Dan Vado,
    Even though I disagree, I LOVE that you just compared Paul Rudd to Poochie!

    Loved CLUELESS, for the life of me didn’t remember Paul Rudd was even it it.

  • Maggie

    You are way off base on this one. And to not remember Paul Rudd was in CLUELESS is to not love CLUELESS.

  • Andrew

    I’m sorry, but breaking up Barney and Robin was probably the smartest thing the writers did all season. Both characters got very boring very fast in a relationship.

  • TVFan

    Agree and Disagree.

    Loved Monday’s episode. But definitely wouldn’t mind seeing a new series regular.

  • MC

    I agree that things need to be shaken up because this week’s episode was pretty much every HIMYM episode wrapped into one, but with a baseball metaphor. Barney’s still a player, Ted’s still an annoying professor, Robin is still way too into herself, Lily is still a know-it-all butt-insky and she & Marshall are still too codependent.

    There has been very little, to no, character development on this show, and they’re going into their 6th season. It’s getting kind of boring and stale. I’m not saying that Robin and Barney need to get back together, keep them apart forever if you ask me, but something needs to change because if it doesn’t season 6 will just be the show spinning its wheels like it’s been doing all of season 5.