Defying GLEE’s Hiatus: We Catch Up with Star Dianna Agron


Simply put, our life sucks without GLEE. Which is why, in an effort to help fans keep holding on until the show’s much anticipated April 13 return — we at, in lieu of uploading a killer shower rendition of ‘Can’t Help Fight This Feeling,’ which let’s face it nobody needs to see — will be spending the next few Wednesdays sharing interviews with some of your favorite stars from the show. First up, Dianna Agron, who was kind enough to take some time at the recent Television Critics Association Press Tour to talk about what’s in store for Quinn when GLEE finally returns in 68 days, 7 hours, and 43 minutes. But who’s counting?

The TV Addict: When we last saw left Quinn, the identity of her baby’s father was finally out in the open. What can you tell us about what happens when we return?
Dianna Agron: While Quinn is still very much pregnant and moving towards having that baby, she’s not down on herself and not in any way feeling sorry for herself. Quinn’s all about moving past the drama in a healthy and strong way and being present in high school with these new found friends. If the first thirteen episode were all about setting up who these characters were, the rest of the season is about saying, “Let’s just have some fun with this.” I’ve read the first three episodes and they’re so delicious, amazing and I think that everybody will be really really happy where all the characters are headed.

Now that the secret’s out in the open, where is Quinn living?
She’s not on a box on the side of the street, I promise you. Quinn wouldn’t like that. She likes to dress nicely and be well groomed, even if her stomach is growing.

And speaking of Quinn’s expanding stomach, is it a relief not have to dress as a cheerleader every day?
I am very happy. Cheerleading is a cold place. There’s not much fabric and not being a cheerleader in high school, I kind of got to fulfill that fantasy in the first part of the season. Right now I’m enjoying the dresses.

Do you have a dream guest star?
It might never happen, but I’m just gonna keep saying this: Christopher Walken. I think he would be amazing. He’s so funny and I’m sure he can sing as well as he can dance. But we have some amazing guest stars coming up. Olivia Newton-John, who loving Grease I grew up with; Idina Menzel, who is good friends with Lea Michele and I can’t wait to meet; and of course Kristin [Chenoweth], who is coming back and I adore. It’s very exciting.

Is there anything you can tell us about Joss Whedon’s upcoming stint as director?
I love Joss. The world of GLEE is in a very specific area and while it can be fun it’s also quirky and if you don’t know that area very well you might not get it. So we’re very lucky to have Joss and really, all our great directors.

Has the success of the show sunk in yet?
My pinch me moment came during the May UpFront in New York. You’re staying in this beautiful hotel, seeing the huge billboards, giant balloons, GLEE was everywhere in New YOrk. I almost felt as if it was a dream.

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