Morning Static: BROTHERS & SISTERS, CW, LOST & More!

• The CW looks to a pair of heroes for their newest projects, ordering dramas produced by Hayden Panettiere and Tom Welling.
• Paging Mango line one, SNL taps J.Lo to host and musical guest on February 27.
• Still scratching your head over last night’s LOST? LOSTerminds Lindelof and Cuse talk to Jimmy Kimmel (See Part I, Part II)
• It’s so on! Jon Stewart to pay a visit to The O’Reilly Factor tonight.
• What the Walker?! Joe Jonas to guest star on BROTHERS & SISTERS.

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  • michael

    i am a little confused…SNL is going to air a new episode during the Olympics? with J.Lo?

    I thought it was off the air for those three weeks…
    Closing ceremonies are Feb 28…

  • Michael,
    I think NBC wants to take advantage of the big Olympic audience with the hopes that those tuning into to medal events on Saturday night will stick around for SNL. Which at 11:30 at night probably won’t be stepping on any event’s toes.

  • Ace

    Just make sure no one steps on J-Lo’s toes. Those Louibitans are expensive :-P.