Today’s TV Addict Top 5: TV Mysteries MORE Confusing Than Last Night’s Season Premiere of LOST

DOLLHOUSE gets cancelled, FRINGE finds itself firmly planted on the proverbial bubble — yet ‘TIL DEATH — the highly unfunny Brad Garrett ‘laugher’ continues to air back-to-back new episodes every Sunday starting at 7PM. #FML.

The CW’s Tuesday Night Schedule.
On the off chance CW executives are sitting around a conference room on April 9th and wondering why nobody is watching their network, listen up. When 90210 and MELROSE PLACE finally return to the airwaves on March 8th, they will be doing so after a three month hiatus. Seriously, what is up with that?

Why Lindsay Price Keeps Getting Work.
Curious as to what COUPLING, PEPPER DENNIS, LIPSTICK JUNGLE, and EASTWICK all have in common? Well, aside from all four shows being swiftly cancelled by their respective networks, three words: Actress Lindsay Price. Something casting directors should probably keep in mind this pilot season. Just a thought.

Ending Off HEROES on a Cliffhanger.
With ratings sinking faster than the Jim Parson’s hairline, we can’t help but wonder if NBC’s decision to allow Tim Kring to end Monday’s upcoming HEROES season finale on a giant cliffhanger was really the most prudent of choices? After-all, the network that just sent Conan packing could probably use all the positive press it can get. So on the off chance the series doesn’t come back, why risk alienating the show’s remaining fan base of seven or eight strong.

The identity of the Mother.
Proof that — in spite of yesterday’s somewhat harsh analysis of Monday’s disappointing HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER — we still care. Now will you stop sending us angry emails?

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  • Til Death survives because Sony is giving it to FOX so cheap, it’s hard to say no. Sony is doing this so the show can jump into the syndicated world (where According to Jim actually was getting better ratings than when it aired new on ABC). Also, with so few sitcoms being added to the syndicated schedule, the crapper (NOT laugher) has a chance of pulling in decent money for Sony long-term.

    Seeing as how ordering more eps of the show (I think there are about 10-17 episodes from past seasons that have NEVER aired), I’m convinced that FOX was given a deal like: “For every 2 episodes of Til Death you buy, we’ll give you a mansion!” I can’t think of what is beneficial to FOX with all of this.

  • Daniel

    Since when was 4.5-5 million people considered just “7 or 8 strong”? That really insulting. Heroes has received better ratings than Dollhouse did, so which deserves to stay on the air?

  • Melissa

    I think 90210 and Melrose Place come back March 9th…

  • John

    Yes, but Dollhouse’s ratings always sucked because FOX tossed it on Friday nights paired with Brothers. When you start low and stay low, that’s one thing. But when a show like Heroes is now averaging about a quarter of its peak, that’s shameful.

  • Nick

    I could care less WHO THE MOTHER is. The bigger mystery is why the father sounds like Bob Saget.

  • Melissa,
    Thanks for the correction!

    And if I may add a rare sixth blurb to today’s top 5 I completely forgot to say THE DEEP END: How a collection of some of my favorite actors (Matt Long, Norbert Leo Butz, Billy Zane, Clancy Brown and Tina Majorino) ended up in such a poorly written legal show. All together now… they canceled BOSTON LEGAL and ELI STONE for this!

  • Ace

    I tried to watch the first episode of The Deep End…it was HORRIBLE. They really need to stop calling things “Grey’s Anatomy with [insert profession, i.e., lawyers, astronauts]”. It is like a curse and they never are anything like Grey’s. Even bad Grey’s is better.

  • TVFan

    The Deep End makes me sad. Tina Majorino deserves better. So do fans of comedy on FOX. How ‘Til Death has aired more episodes than Arrested Development. That just ain’t right.

  • The Tuesday night CW thing is crazy. There is NOTHING on. Every other night (except Wed?) has something. And why not show new GG on Tuesday instead of cutting it for Life Unexpected. It’s just weird to me that two nights are empty but GG and LU are sharing a timeslot.