TV Ratings: Tuesday February 2, 2010 (Yes, that sound you heard was 12.61 million viewers collectively going, “Huh?!”)

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM FOX American Idol 24.44 8.9/23
CBS NCIS 19.11 4.3/11
ABC Lost: The Final Chapter 9.93 4.1/11
NBC The Biggest Loser: Couples (R) 4.98 1.6/4
CW 90210 (R) 873,000 0.3/1
9PM CBS NCIS: Los Angeles 16.36 3.6/9
ABC Lost 12.61 5.7/14
NBC The Biggest Loser: Couples 9.47 3.7/9
FOX Kitchen Nightmares 9.26 3.9/10
CW Melrose Place (R) 661,000 0.2/1
10PM CBS The Good Wife 12.72 5.5/15
ABC Lost 11.56 5.4/14
NBC The Biggest Loser: Couples 9.35 3.7/9

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  • Seriously? Someone watched NCIS: LA instead of Lost? Well now there’s one more mystery involving Lost.

  • Hil

    What was your Grandpa up to last night? Maybe that is the answer.

  • At least no one was watching Melrose Place instead of Lost!

  • Ace

    I’m actually a little surprised that LOST”s numbers weren’t a little bigger last night for two reasons: (1) I know a lot of people that have watched all of the seasons on DVD in the last few months who weren’t watching it live last year and (2) most of the people that I know who watch Lost made sure to watch it live last night to avoid spoilers (including me, I very very rarely stay up until 11 on a “school night”).

  • gon

    LOSTT was the best of tonigh`s shows, c`monn people what the hell happened? i am agree with Ace, why NCIS won Lost like that? To me the season premiere was awesome, we need more answers but last night was enough good.
    Love LOST, Love Love Love Kate (Evangeline Lilly)

  • Mayhoff

    Wow I can’t believe NCIS LA won the time slot.

  • grumpyoldman

    Tuesday night the truth was revealed. No amount of hype can hide the fact that people just don’t want to watch Lost.

  • Dennis

    I TiVo’ed it so I could skip the commercials like a lot of people. Two hours is to long.

  • Wanda

    You all are going to kill me but I didn’t watch it and I was THE MOST avid fan of Lost. Pretty much the highlight of my week. However, due to some personal problems for the past year, I didn’t watch the entire last season and a half. So I was never able to get back into it, ergo bypassing it last night. I know this probably doesn’t apply to too many people, but it’s MY reason. Forgive me TV Addict, et al?

  • Wanda,
    As long as you weren’t watching NCIS or NCIS: LA, you are of course forgiven 🙂

  • Andrew

    Who thinks someone is fixing the numbers here??? I think CBS pays the nielsen ratings folk to watch their shows.

  • Wanda

    NCIS=BLEH for me.
    I DID watch American Idol, but that’s at 8 o’clock and I had already had three glasses of wine.
    So none of it counts, right? 😉

  • Lucy

    If you’re hating on NCIS:LA because of the high ratings, that you’re obviously not watching NCIS:LA. Too bad – you’re missing out!