You Be the Critic: LOST, The Sixth and Final Season Premiere

LOST is back. And to borrow a line from @EWAusielloFiles, “I’ve never been more LOST in my life.” Which is why, we’re gonna leave the heavy-lifting to the experts like — Jeff Jensen, James Poniewozik, Maureen Ryan, Alan Sepinwall, and Nikki Stafford — and ask one very simple question. Who or what is inhabiting Sayid? Why was Richard in chains? What was Desmond doing on Oceanic 815? How did Stewardess Cindy end up in the Temple? Where was Shannon?Is John Locke and the mysterious Man in Black one in the same? Who are these new Others? How does Julie know ‘it worked’? What worked? Why did LOSTerminds Lindelof and Cuse bring back Juliet only to have her die all over again? Where are Walt and Michael? Why is Charlie so intent on offing himself? Why was Jack bleeding on the plane? And what exactly is does the aforementioned MIB mean when he says he wants to get home? After eight months off the air, did LOST live up the hype?

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  • Nick

    Dude, it *more than* lived up to the hype. How could any fan watch that 3-hr. premiere and not be excited beyond belief? Confused (in a good way), but excited.

  • Ace

    Before the premiere my husband said that Darlton must be on drugs. And I said “oh no no, they seem like such normal guys.” After the premiere he said “are you sure?” And I said “no I am not…” Haha. But seriously, it more than lived up to the hype. Cannot wait until next week, which is exactly how it should be!

  • jess

    Well it definitely lived up to the HYPE, damn my brain hurt after all that. So the smoke monster is the man in black who wants to get home…huh!?!?!? And I’m gonna go with a parallel universe theory with the why and who is on the plane. Maybe showing us how screwed up their lives would’ve been had they NOT crashed ?!?! I so wish i could skip to the end and find out what the frak is going on.

  • TVFan

    In the sense that I can’t wait for next week, yes it lived up to the hype. That said, I’m going to concur with ‘jess’ by saying, yeah i have no idea what is going on!

  • cam3150

    Totally lived up to the hype. I was completely thrown at first by the “how is everyone in 2 places at once” question but, head over to and read the interview w/ Darlton. They at least explain that part of last night. While I feel a little more settled in regards to that aspect, there is still a huge “What in the heck did I just watch?” feeling.

    And I didn’t even get that it’s likely that Jacob took over Sayid’s body until reading it somewhere last night. WOW. And it completely makes sense now why Jacob was so intent on getting Sayid back to the temple and all that followed there. And the MIB/Locke IS the Smoke Monster??? Totally did not see that one coming. That was an awesome reveal. I guess we can call him the Locke-ness Monster now?? What kind of history does he have with Richard?? That scene really threw me too.

    So , so, so many more questions posed than answers. I am worried that, with such little precious time left, can they really address all the new issues and all of the old issues too, in a satisfying way? But, I trust them and I know they’ve been working on this for years.

    After the premiere, I was left totally, completely, 100% more confused than I’ve ever been….but isn’t that the beauty of Lost??

  • It felt like prom night, confusing but awesome.

  • blueberry


    Yes, I’m excited Lost is back, but I feel like the minds behind Lost are just jerking us around before a final reveal that will ultimately not answer half the questions. I’m glad it’s the last season or else having another cliff-hanger and then a season premiere where more questions are posed while not answering anything would make me a MASOCHIST for TV.

    Seriously, was anything answered or hinted at this premiere? By the way, I don’t consider going on the interwebs for clues as answers.

  • blueberry,

    If it helps, since last season I’ve stopped watching LOST with any expectations that we’ll actually receive plausible answers for anything. And since then, I’ve the roller coaster ride all the more. Honestly, the fact that Lindelof and Cuse have been handed hundreds of millions of dollars from ABC and told their story, their way. It’s pretty incredible.

  • bws

    Answers revealed last night:
    John Locke died. The Man In Black can impersonate dead bodies on the Island and is in fact, the Smoke Monster. Detonating the bomb worked. There is a scenario where Oceanic 815 lands. What is in the guitar case. Consciousnesses can travel not only across time but across different realities (Juliet’s yet unheard comment about coffee, probably a major clue as to how this will play out). MIB has known Richard for a long time and more importantly Richard knows MIB, presumably since the Black Rock arrived. And oh yeah, the Temple, and where Cindy, Emma, and Zach have been.

    I would assume these stories will converge around episode 7-10 this season before the final push to the finale. I would expect the last 5 episodes to take place almost exclusively on the Island.

  • Dave

    I thought the premiere was amazing! I absolutely love the alternate timeline going on to show how different their lives are without the island and seemingly without things interjecting. One question that popped up in my head after seeing Desmond on the plane and not seeing Claire, Walt, Michael, Shannon, and such what if in this timeline Jacob never interacted or certain things in their lives didn’t take place? I think Desmond being on the plane shows that this isn’t just the world without the crash, but the world without the island at all, its underwater no inhabitants no nothing.

  • bws

    The fact that Desmond was on the plane was really interesting. One thought is that he wasn’t REALLY on the plane. We don’t see him get off the plane, after all. In fact, maybe Jack only saw him because they flew very close to the Island. This alt-timeline is just a bit off but there are clues out there. Locke’s knives and Jack’s coffin pulling disappearing acts has me intrigued. Are both of those items underwater, too?

  • I don’t need answers. I am not sure why everyone is so intent on the answers! I just need that time to think and to enjoy and wrap my mind around everything. If everything was answered then where would that leave us for the final season? I would even be fine with some things not being answered at the end! I mean there is no way to wrap up a 6 season show with everyone being happy (especially one like Lost). I LOVED the premier. Lost is one of the only shows that I can watch and totally loose myself in, not do anything else and not find it necessary to do anything else while watching. So wonderful!

  • The best Lost premiere since the pilot. After you accept the fact that there are two timelines, you can settle in and enjoy the madness.

  • Nick

    Thank you, bws, for pointing out to all of the constant whiners-for-answers that we got PLENTY of answers last night, in addition to more intriguing story.

    Cripes, do these whiney viewers watch an episode of Glee, for instance, and complain because they don’t know who will graduate, sing a solo, have a baby or wind up as a couple? I mean, come ON! Let the season and answers (which we must have, BTW, Darlton) play out before you start attacking.

  • I gotta go along with BWS and Nick. I feel the episode was moderately revealing. They’re not going to answer *everything* in the premiere and not every answer is going to hit us over the head. For some things, it’s up to us to put “2 & 2 together.” Damon & Carlton are gradually giving us those 2s, and we got several last night.

    I’m also surprised at people’s surprise that “Locke” = MiB = Smoke Monster. That was the dominant theory by most viewers on the internet for the entire hiatus. I admit I wasn’t 100% convinced of it during the hiatus, but it wasn’t a big shock when the premiere confirmed it. And, I would consider that a big “answer” too.

    I’m glad the writers went with the multiple timelines. I think a total reboot in the final season would be too big a change and would cheapen eeeevverthing that developed before. Had a new timeline not gotten formed, it would have been too much of a cop-out. With two timelines, we get the best of both worlds — a continuation and a what-if.

    Overall, I was very happy with the season premiere.


  • Simply Kimberly

    The first 2 hours of Season 6 blew my mind more than all of the previous 5 seasons combined.

    Darlton definitely delivered.