An In Depth Look At… GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Baby Mama Drama!

The good news is that GENERAL HOSPITAL’s directors won’t have to hide actress Rebecca Herbst’s real-life pregnancy behind big purses and oversized smocks. The bad news? Her alter ego, Liz, is pregnant… after having slept with two brothers who aren’t exactly on the best of terms these days!

“Almost the minute Elizabeth started sleeping with Nikolas while still declaring her love to Lucky, fans suspected this would be the outcome,” says our source for all things sudsy, Soaps In Depth executive editor Richard M. Simms. “After all, it’s classic soap. One woman. Two brothers. You can pretty much guarantee that scenario is going to get ugly and that it’s going to end with a baby.” 

The new issue of In Depth details not only Elizabeth’s unplanned pregnancy, but also the much happier story of her portrayer’s bundle of joy, due to make his or her grand entrance on August 9. Interestingly, her husband is former GH co-star Michael Saucedo (ex-Juan)! This will be the third child for both Herbst and Liz.

In other GH news, there are a lot of burning questions being asked by fans and answered by the magazine in a special section. “One of the things people ask all the time is when Jason and Sam are going to tie the knot,” says Simms. “Just last week, the couple kind of blushed and blustered there way through that very topic when her little sister brought it up. So we went straight to the head writer to find out if it was going to happen or not. Of course, as we found out during the first round of our Supercouple Smackdown, no matter what the answer is, some fans will be unhappy. A lot of people want to see Jason dump Sam, and a lot of people want to see them live happily ever after.”

And once again, it all circles back to Liz. Because the last time she had a baby, it was fathered by Jason! “The fans who don’t want to see Sam with Jason usually want him to go back to Liz,” says Simms. “It will be interesting to see how fans react to the latest baby news. Do they want the father to be Lucky or Nik? And which man will they want to see her find happiness with?”

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  • alicia

    Nikolas can have Liz for all I care! Lucky doesn’t need her around anymore. I think a Jason and Sam wedding won’t happen, but it would be nice for the Jasam fans.

  • mimi

    Congratulations to Rebecca on her new addition to the family. I’m happy for her but deeply disappointed in GH choosing to write in this story. Her character just had a baby 2 years ago. I think she’ll be the only character in daytime under 30 that has 3 kids. Give me a break. I’m not interested in watching beg Lucky to take her back. No thank you GH. But thanks for finally freeing me from this show.

  • Kelly

    I would first like to say congratulations to Rebecca Herbst and her family!! Wonderful news!! But I’m not too thrilled that GH has chosen to write the pregnancy into the show. I really did not want to see the character of Elizabeth with a third child from yet a different father. I would have preferred to see this character move on from Nik and Lucky. I am not a NIZ fan and see no beauty in their relationship. Nor am I an LnL2 fan. They had a beautiful young romance but people grow up and the romance vibe for LnL2 is gone. But I have no doubt Rebecca Herbst will shine in her storyline.

    I will always be a Jason and Elizabeth fan. Their pairing had it all, love, romance, history, friendship and chemistry. Its a huge disappointment for me that GH did not continue with the pairing. HUGE. BIG.

    I absolutely do not want Jason and Sam to marry. I will never believe that the character of Jason Morgan would ever fall in love with a woman who watched his son get kidnapped and then hired men to terrorize Liz and the boys succeeding in keeping Jason away from his son. DOES.NOT.WORK.FOR.ME. This pairing completely destroys the credibility and integrity I had for the character of Jason Morgan.

  • I don’t like the idea of Liz and Nik or another “who’s the daddy?” storyline but I do hope the baby is Lucky’s cause he has raised two of Liz’s kids that are not his. I think he deserves to have a kid that is actually his own. And I could always take another Spencer that didn’t appear out of nowhere.

  • well..congrats 2 Rebecca’s pregnant n real life. Anyway..I just don’t know what 2 sayin that who’s the father of Liz’s baby n I think might be Nik!! I don’t think Jason and Sam wedding period!..Sigh!

  • Sara

    I honestly don’t care who the baby daddy is. Let it be Nik or Lucky. Either way, hopefully people realize what I’ve known all along. Liz is a whore and has some serious issues she needs to work through.

    Now should Jason and Sam marry. I would like to see them finally get their happily ever after. Even though getting married sometimes is the kiss of death for daytime couples. But those two have been through so much and deserve to find a small slice of happiness. Jason and Liz do not work. She could never handle Jason’s life and I am STILL not convinced that Jake is Jason’s. I am holding out and praying that Jake is Lucky’s. Please please let that wish come true!

  • Jess

    Kelly you have summed up my feelings perfectly so all I can add is a big fat DITTO!

  • peyton

    I just dont understand why TPTB hate Elizabeths Charector so much! they just did a WTD storyline for her she has 2 kids out of wedlock already by 2 different fathers now a third! not even Carly is that bad!!! at least she was and is married to her babys daddy! TPTB seem to want to make Elizabeth the town !@#$$! Its really a shame her and Jason had such a great love story built off of a friendship where they both accepted each other for who they were!, they never judged one another! Elizabeth is what Jason needs to be his place where he can keep the bad things he does away and be the peace he needs while Jason is the person who accepts Elizabeth for who she is!! Flaws and all! If i wanted to watch the “dynamic duo” Iwould wtch Batman and Robin the cartoon!! Thats what Jason and Sam are to me!! Cartoonish!!! BOOM ZAP BAM!!!!!

  • Katie

    I’m so happy for Rebecca Herbst and family! I’m not thrilled to see Elizabeth pregnant and I have really hated the writing for this “triangle” storyline. It was written so sleazily, and I think it could have been much better told. Elizabeth should have turned down Lucky’s proposal and then gotten involved with Nikolas. They still could have done a triangle another way without Elizabeth lying and cheating. This is just like other rehashed storylines on General Hospital. I wish the writers would do something different. Anyway, don’t shoot me, but I love Elizabeth with both Lucky and Nikolas. I can see the writers giving her twins, lol. I love the emotional and romantic chemistry between Lucky and Elizabeth, even though I hated the horrible names he called her. When I see them together, I melt. I love how passionate and sexy Nikolas and Elizabeth are together. The actors have chemistry and it’s so sad that this storyline does not equal the chemistry.

  • Hannah

    I’m one hundred percent a Jasam fan, and I really don’t get why people even like Jason and Liz together? They dont have anything on Jason and Sam, and Liason fans shouldn’t even be thinking about a Liz and Jason reunion! Because, hello, she’s getting it on with Nic and now she’s pregnant! I don’t think the Jasam fans have anything to worry about because obviously there’s something in the Spencers that Liz likes more than Jason. I couldn’t be happier with Jasam right now and a possible wedding in the works, there deff. in it for the long hall:)

  • Noel Koche

    I don’t care who is the biological father. I find both men to be a poor match for the character of Elizabeth. Why can’t Elizabeth just say the baby is Jason’s?

    Jason and Elizabeth are the duo I want to see. I’ve never found any of Jason’s pairings to be interesting. Elizabeth made me care about th character of Jason.

    I don’t want to see Jason marrying the albatross he’s been dragging around the last few months.

    I’d rather see Jason die in a hail of bullets than married to her. It would be more humane not only for the audience but also for Jason’s character.

  • Lisa

    SID needs to just stop with the constant Liz/Jiz obsession already!!!

    They portray the publication and the editor to be more of a Liz Fangurl than a legit magazine.

    Give it up!

  • Knn

    Congrats to Rebecca Herbst. I think the baby will be Lucky’s but I don’t really care in the end who is the father. Liz has had 1 too many WTD stories for my taste. I also don’t care who Liz ends up with. She is having a breakdown right now because a man left her. Being in a relationship isn’t exactly something she should be thinkng about right now. She should think about what has led her down this path again. Liz needs to work on herself before thinking about a man.

    Jason and Sam seem to be doing fine right now to me. If they stay together fine. If they break up that is fine too. I would rather this mag not always put them in the some sort of triangle with Liz or Lucky as though that is what is playing on screen right now though. That is just misleading. to magazine readers and buyers.

  • Fefe

    Well first off congrats to Rebecca and her family on the wonderful news.

    I have to admit that I am surprised that the writers have decided to do another WTD storyline so close to the last one that this character had. It kind of seems a bit lazy if you ask me. That said, I really hope that the baby is Lucky’s. Since the return of JJ I actually find myself rooting for this couple again.

    Personally, I will be thrilled to see Jason and Sam finally get the wedding that the characters and their fans so deserve. I’m sorry, but I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone thinks that the Jason/Liz pairing was such a great idea. The two were about as exciting to watch on screen together as paint drying, and to say that the two accept each other for who they are…sorry, but she wants him to leave the mob. That’s not accepting him for who he is. That’s trying to make him into who you want him to be.

    Sam and Jason have a fundamental understanding of each other, and I think together that can break the soap curse of boring marriages. I love watching them on screen together!!!

  • Shirley

    Congrats Becky!

    Boo GH! Isn’t their another soapy story to tell? Becky Herbst is a great actress who shouldn’t be replaying this story. Sure, it is a Soap kind of story, but it has already been done by this actress. I was turned off of GH a while ago and this may cause a 20+ yr fan to keep the tv off.

    As for a JaSam wedding, no thanks. Give up on this like LL2 should have been given up long ago.

    GH could have had a great story that continued to be soapy if that is what they wanted with the other WTD story.

    Thumbs down GH!

    Thumbs up Becky Herbst!

  • missingjasamalways

    I am completely thrilled at the idea of a JaSam wedding!! Bring It On!! JaSam deserves their happily ever after!! Jason and Liz never worked for me. Any of the times they tried it! I’d rather watch paint dry, or get hit by a nasty stomach virus! Liz pretended to love Jason just the way he was, but, she was never comfortable with his life or his job!! I would like to see Jason out of the mob someday, but, not if it means another wasted 2 years of Jason/Liz! They are definitely fast forward material.

  • Dalia

    Jason and whatsherface getting married?

    They might as well cancel the show the next day.

    Quit beating a dead horse GH. I was done with wanting them together the minute that I realized when the going got tough, one wanted death for the other.

    Reunite Jason with Elizabeth or another watchable character and put a bullet through the every day zero.

  • Dana

    I am so for JaSam wedding it will be so beautiful and amazing

    And No to another WTD

  • Nicki

    I don’t give a shit about Liz, I hate her. I’m a totally JaSam fan. Liz never accepted Jason for what he did. And Sam is fine with what he does cause she likes to do it too! Liz is far from coming back to Jason, like Sam said they other day She not going anywhere. In 2010 Their will be a JaSam wedding and Baby. Jason is the kind of guy that will always forgive Sam, cause Jason and Sam always work together no matter is they’re together or not. But from now on Jason and Sam are gonna be together forever. They tried Jason and Liz, but it didn’t work. Liz was the one that ruined JaSam, and now there’s no one to ruin JaSam. Jason never really loved Liz, he just wanted to be there for Jake.

    So JaSam will deff have their happy ending!

  • Me

    I’m all for a Jasam marriage, but first Sam needs to slap Jason upside the head for being a dumbass.

  • z

    I think it is interesting that GH is deciding to do the story where she once again does not know who her babys father is-but I do think that if they focus more on re-connecting Liz and Lucky through her pregnancy- and HE SHOULD BE THE FATHER. The story could work. What would Soaps be without some baby daddy drama!!

    As far as jason and liz are concerned- that boat sailed A LONG time ago. She wants a family. That is y she couldnt commit to her feelings for Nik we have seen her go back and forth with these issues for years. I would like her to get that family and life with Lucky. Jason isnt leaving his business, he isnt leaving carly/sonny-he said it yesterday to carly in the end it is the 3 of us… He didnt even want to claim jake now with all the drama. She cant handle the danger, she cant handle that life PLUS they had no chemistry- he always looked like he was in pain and torment when he was with Liz- and YES Liason fans– i’ve watched the scenes. He always looked stressed bcuz he had to protect her.

    Now- I would like Jason and Sam to find their happiness-either with marriage or family. The reason that relationship works is because Jason knows sam can take care of herself. She doesnt mind danger and isnt trying to change Jason. She accepts his lifestyle. The actors play very well off each other- with giving us abundant moments of laughter, seriousness and flirty. Its a fun relationship to watch develop.

    LOVE GH.

  • Kim

    I feel bad that they are doing the same thing to Liz as they did to Sam but thats GH for ya. Congrats to becky on her 3rd child. I have also watched the Liz and Jason scenes and I find that they were just bed buddies. They could never be in public together because LIZ DID NOT EXCEPT JASON FOR WHO HE IS!!! I think Sam and Jason deserve a wedding and a baby!!!

  • Cw72

    For people complaining about sid’s obsession qith Liz I say they are more obsessed with selling magazines so obviously Liz and luason sell

  • Rochelle

    GH needs to STOP replaying old storylines!! It’s a total repeat of 2 yrs ago how will the daddy be??? Ugh, so she’ll have 3 kids be 3 different fathers!! So stupid, just b/c she’s pregnant in real life doesn’t mean you have to write it in, hopefully it’s all a hoax and they will see that this is not what the fans want!!

  • JaSam 4EVER

    I love sam and jason and always have… I always knew that a reunion was destined to happen. To all the jason and liz storyline lovers, puh-leeze! You must be as boring as elizabeth in real life! Sam is a strong woman that can take care of herself. I relate to her character a lot and can’t stand people like Elizabeth who come off as goody two shoes and look 3 different babies with 3 different dads! She keeps cheating on lucky. He needs to be done w/her. That would be awesome if Jake was really Lucky’s! I hope that Sam and Jason stay together for a long time. As much of a fan I am of Jason and Sam, I don’t want a wedding because weddings don’t last on daytime. Jason and Sam forever!!!

  • Lauren

    Well, congrats to Becky and Michael for the new addition to the family- and though the “who’s the daddy?” storyline is played out, if you read the magazine Becky is actually glad that they wrote it in so she wouldn’t have to deal with pretending like she wasn’t pregnant. The woman already did that once; I can understand if she doesn’t want to do it again.

    Anyway, I hope that the baby is Lucky’s. I mean, Nik doesn’t need another child to ignore! LOL. And if it is his and he doesn’t ignore it, then he’ll be even more of a jerk than I thought (Poor Spencer!). Plus, I’m loving JJ as Lucky and he and Becky still have “it”. It might not be the hottest stuff, that lust side, but it’s deeper than that and the hotness tends to fade out of a relationship anyway, then what’s left? What Liz and Lucky have got. Anyway, Lucky’s been taken care of those two boys of Liz’s since they were born, despite some slip ups, and he loves them. If it is Nik’s though, I just don’t want Lucky feeling like he has to step up for his brother’s child ’cause…well, it would just be too much. But either way, whoever is the dad and whoever is the one Liz eventually ends up with will make for great story.

    I’m not a Jasam fan but if they get married, than that’s great for their fanbase. I’m sorry for the Liason fans for not getting something they’ve wanted for 10 years but this is a soap and if it’s on the air long enough, you never know what can happen….But I do think it’s kinda odd how there are those in such an uproar about Jason “The Enforcer/Hitman” Morgan being with Sam, bringing up what a horrible person she is. I mean, he KILLS people yet most are upset that he’s with Sam, who they say has done “x” amount of things wrong. Why would you even WANT Jason to be with Liz; shouldn’t that have faded away as soon as he took Sam back? More power to you for believing in your couple but neither Sam, Jason, Lucky, Nik or Elizabeth have their hands clean so why compare apples and oranges? They ALL have messed up.

  • Julie

    Congrats Becky!

    I’m in total agreement with most of the post. WTD storyline would really ne the worst thing they can do. Even though I found the Niz storyline hot, it was sleazy lust, and had to end at some point and I’m over it now. JJ and RH have ridiculous chemistry. So did RH and SB. But this beautiful girl, who truly has a good heart has now been demoted to town whore and I can no longer watch it. My only hope at this point is she will miscarry, so she only has 2 illegitemate kids, she has a complete nervous breakdown (aka Brenda Barrett days) then we get a nice storyline of her getting back with Lucky or Jason.

    Sam and Jason, so freakin boring. I don’t understand why people at ABC aren’t firing people and replacing them with better writers. This is LA, I know about 20 writers in a block from my house that could write better than this mess they’ve put on for the last few years. Everyone I know that was a loyal fan since Luke and Laura days stopped watching a few years ago saying it was trash now. Esp when they reunited JaSam (sorry but there was no way to mend that and it makes sense, and again now it’s just boring).

    Seriously ABC, cancel the show and spare us the ruining of the show or replace the entire writing team including Guza and Fronz.

  • Krissie

    I am SMH!!! I can’t BELIEVE that majority of you so called GH fans want to see Elizabeth and Jason together WTF!!! for real Jason and Sam make perfect sense he never has to play captain save a hoe with Sam she can fend on her own and then they come together and get the job done. Elizabeth is not smart enough did anybody else see how Sam got the evidence from the police station…Now do you really think Elizabeth could have pulled that off HELL NO… And Sam and Jason Love scenes are way more Romantic Sam understands Jason and knows just the right things to say to him… So for all you Sam hater’s SCREW you I love SAM and JASON together.

  • I understand all of Liason points why they wont their couple back. Becuz Of wat sam did but lets be real I have a cousin in real life who stole another woman’s baby, and pretended it was hers. Becuz she lost her baby and the guy she was dating had a baby gurl with another person and she lied and stole it before getting caught. Yea Sam was wrong watching jake get kidnap and hiring thugs, but who do u think drove her there? The Devil?! HELL’S NO!!! Jason&Liz did when he lst found out his lst move should have been telling sam not lieing and agreeing wit Liz. I love Liason for more than 10years but as they got older their so called loved fizzles. An I loved LnL2 since I can remember but too me they’ve out grown their childhood love too. I think its becuz liz is broken inside and not from rape I have a friend who was rape by her cousins,stepfather, and her brothers yet she doesnt let it owned her like Elizabeth does. When Jiz came back the second time around Im not gonna lie I was happy but seeing their lst make love scence Left a bad taste in my mouth. The other day her running to Jason’s arms is always something she has been doing like Lulu said (and Lulu cant really talk) but she was right Liz needs to figure out wats wit her. I belive her and Lucky can start over cuz, Guza is invested in Jasam and Lnl2 tat’s all he keeps talking about. Yes he said Liason isnt really going anywhere becuz of jake but who knows wat will happen. Everysince JJ came back Jake has been looking like him and alil mini Luke spencer instead of a wannabe Morgan. I get if they make tis happen all Liason fans would be sad but be real Liz cant handle danger. She had to count on the woman who scared her and her two kids for safety when the russians came looking for jake. Lucky warned her everyone warned her. Jus becuz u have a kid with someone doesnt make u inlove wit them or have to be with them. I have some friends who got married becuz they have a daughter and turns out they were never inlove m/b a long time ago when they were teens. As they’ve gotten older so did their minds now their on the rocks cuz they dont love eachother anymore their jus in the marraige buz of their daughter. I feel tats why Liason fans want their couple back I stop watching general hospital becuz of tis Jason once did love Liz with everything but tat died years ago. So did LnL2 I think instead of ping ponging Jasam Vs Liason they should get another good looking guy on there and pair him up wit Liz. Anything but watching her throw herself at Jason,Lucky,Nik. Becuz to me Sam isnt a saint and I dont make her out to be one but neither is Liz. You wanna keep throwing out tat baby stunt sam did tats fine but before u bring up the past m/b u should watch Y&R cuz over there, Adam Newman is doing the samething only he stole his wife’s baby(sharon) An gave it too ashley. OltL has done it wit todd’s son sam and with his daughters baby starr. Atwt’s has done it wit Meg and Craig and Paul. Amc has also done it before Jake,Jr,Amanda,David. So there are plenty of other soap characters who have done something to a baby but u dont see people bringing tat up now do u? I’m jus saying instead of Blaming sam for her part see how she felt after loosing yet another baby and tis time she lost the baby by the love of her life. Who jus father another baby wit somebody else and it lived. Sam is a human being and we all make mistakes stop blaming her for her part and look at each side of the box. Cuz there’s answer too how sam got tat way to be so mean. If u wanna contact me jus go to my I WONT BE TAKING IN MESSAGES IN MY INBOX TAT ARE BLASTING ME FOR WAT I SAID. IM NOT BLAMINING NOBODY JUS WANTED TO TELL U ALL TO LOOK AT TIS STORY ON EACHSIDE. WHO KNOWS SOME OF U LIASON FANS MAY TURN OUT TO BE ACTUALLY JASAM LUVERS. ITS HAPPING NOW AND IT HAPPEN BEFORE CASE IN POINT ME. I STARTED OUT HATING THEM AND NOW I’M INLOVE WIT THEM.

  • KC

    My one defense for all the Liason fans is the reason we are soo upset is because our couple never got a fair shot. Jason and Sam were together, they had a chance, but they both screwed things up in their own way. Yes Jason was with Liz but that was after he saw Sam with Ric! It is not fair to the Jason and Liz fans that they never got a fair shot to try and have a relationship. Even some of the actors agree it would be easier to swallow a breakup if they had actually been together and it didnt work but that is not the case. They never got a true, fair shot at trying to make it work. And I agree completely with Kelly from above, the way the writers have written Jason’s personality, he would never just take Sam back after what she did to Jake. He would at least be addressing the issues, not acting like it didnt happen! I want a show that to some degree seems realistic & you cant write a character a certain way for years but then all of a sudden their actions dont add up to their personality, DOESNT WORK!! Starts to seem very unrealistic, which takes away from the joy of it! Just give Jason and Liz and the family a chance and see where it goes. They do have history, as friends that are always there for one another. I think Jason does love Liz and longs for her, b/c in his heart, he wants a family and he wants his own son. AND BESIDES IF THEY DIDNT WANT JASON AND LIZ TOGETHER, WHAT WAS THE POINT IN HAVING JAKE?!?!?!?!?

  • Krissie

    Point blank GH Fans…Sam and Jason work well together because she can handle her own. She doesn’t need Jason rescuing her from anything or anybody, she already knows what needs to be done without Jason giving her instructions she can read him. Why do you think her and Lucky’s relationship ended because Lucky needs to be the Hero aka captain save a &%# that is why he is perfect for Elizabeth because that &%# always needs saving. So I am all for Jasam NO on Jason and Liz

  • Lawton

    Jason can only be with Sam. She is the only one who has ever accepted him and loved him for who he really is.
    I have noticed a lot of Liason fans dismiss Jasam because: “I will never believe that the character of Jason Morgan would ever fall in love with a woman who watched his son get kidnapped and then hired men to terrorize Liz and the boys”. I just think that's not a real reason, that was a mistake sam made, it's not who she is! She feels badly for it and she's appologized many times. EVERYONE knows that Sam loves babies, that's her character! The mistake was just that, an out of character action. Atleast the Jasam reasoning behind our dislike of Liason has a real reason! Liz can not handle Jason's life or accept him for who is really is like Sam always has. That is a characteristic that can not be changed. Liz will never be able to accept him and Jason needs to be accepted and not changed in his relationships, so Liason can, obviously, never work.
    Jasam deserve their happy ending and they desereve to have their little girl. And Liason Fans need better reasoning otherwise they just sound as stupid as all the Jasam fans know they are.