Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Entertainment Headlines Sure To Become LAW & ORDER Episodes

“Late Night Becomes Fright Night!”
A friendly rivalry between variety show hosts turns deadly thanks to a time-slot competition and a loophole in a contract. But things really get messy when it turns out both men were having an affair with the same woman! Worse, she’s married. To the president of the network both men work for. Awkward!
“Catfight Turns Deadly!”
A dating show on which a group of women all compete for the love of a man has one less contestant when a body is found floating in the swimming pool. The resulting cases shines a spotlight on the fact that the producers of the show knowingly allowed an unstable woman into the cast — and deliberately encouraged her to drink despite being on medication in the name of good drama.

“With 8 You Get Murder!”
A group of foul-mouthed, fight-starting reality stars whose show takes place in a beach house on the California shore demand huge salary increases if they are to come back for a second season. The cast vows to stand united in their demand for more money, but the network attempts to make deals with them individually. One of the cast — who goes by the unlikely moniker The Status — winds up dead after figuratively screwing the housemates (many of whom he’d already literally screwed) by making a deal there are suspects galore. The final twist? His mama did it, mortified by his on-screen actions!
“Will Kill For Boobs!”
A photographer is found dead in the bushes outside the home of an inexplicably popular couple known more for being famous than anything else. The celebutantes claim that the shutterbug had been stalking them for months and that one of them shot him in self-defense after mistakenly thinking he was attempting to break into their home. But it is eventually revealed that the photographer had actually snapped pics of the plastic surgery-obsessed starlet’s newly-enhanced chest, driving her extremely greedy spouse/manager to shoot the paparazzo rather than risk him publishing the photo. Why? They’d already landed an exclusive “first look” with a trashy tabloid willing to pay big bucks!
“Actress Takes Killer Role Seriously!”
The set of TV’s most famous cops-and-courtroom drama is rocked when it’s producer is found bludgeoned to death on the set. The investigating officers find themselves having to deal with actors who’ve played police for so long they mistakenly believe themselves to actually have the necessary skills to solve the crime. In the end, it turns out that one of the actors is trying to prevent her real-life counterparts from discovering that she’s the killer, having killed the producer for giving the anual “obvious-grab-for-an-Emmy” episode to her co-star!

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  • John

    Ha, the last one sounds like it’ll be written by Charlie Kaufman. I’d mock this as silly, except this season the show has already done Jon and Kate, the Octomom and the David Letterman sex scandal. My fave all-time has to be when Chevy Chase came on and called a cop “sugar t*ts”

  • Ace

    Have they done the aging popstar dies unexpectedly one yet? Everyone suspects the sleazy, opportunist father but it was really the docto the whole time?