TV Ratings: Thursday February 4, 2010

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM FOX Bones 11.93 3.2/10
CBS Surviving Survivor 8.18 2.3/7
NBC Community 5.22 2.2/7
ABC The Deep End 5.01 1.3/4
CW Vampire Diaries 4.05 1.9/6
8:30PM NBC Parks and Recreation 4.97 2.3/6
9PM CBS CSI 14.18 3.1/8
ABC Grey’s Anatomy 12.02 4.2/11
FOX Fringe 7.76 2.7/7
NBC The Office 7.36 3.8/10
CW Supernatural 2.39 1.1/3
9:30PM NBC 30 Rock 5.93 2.9/8
10PM CBS The Mentalist 14.51 3.2/9
ABC Private Practice 9.03 3.2/9
NBC The Jay Leno Show 3.80 1.0/3

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  • Josh C.

    wow the deep end really is going exactly where its title says. getting beat by NBC and almost CW must hurt. Glad to see there is still an interest in VD. It keeps getting better and better!

  • Hil

    Looks like Fringe got a little bump in the ratings. Yay! Also, the CW must really be thrilled for Vampire Diaries. I hope Life Unexpected builds an audience like that soon. It really deserves to be watched.

  • Nick

    Boy, those who chose to watch soapy doctors (why, people?) instead of Supernatural really missed one of the key mythology episodes of the entire series. Sure hope McDummy got all hooked up with McSleazy, ’cause that’s what’s McVital.

  • Ace

    Nick — I was thinking the same thing but about Fringe! How anyone watches Greys *instead* of Fringe is beyond me. Esp this episode.

  • Hil,
    Such bad timing after this upwards ratings momentum FRINGE now finds itself warming the bench for 55 days.

    Nick, Ace,
    As much as I loved last night’s FRINGE, having just watched Thursday’s GREY’S ANATOMY I feel the need to come to Shonda Rhimes defense and say that the episode was one of the strongest of the season (same for PRIVATE PRACTICE by the way, which was heartbreaking)

  • bws

    Fringe DID beat the Office however. I’m not sure if that’s happened this year. But then again, I feel the Office has been a bit off this season.

  • Ace

    TVA — I still watch Grey’s and PP; there is just no way I would watch them before watching Fringe. But this is officially the last episode of PP that I am ever watching. The storylines are just to ridiculous for me to care anymore. And this storyline isn’t the reason I’m jumping ship, but there is NO way that a doctor or parent should tell a child that she is getting a treatment that would save her sister too but there isn’t enough to share. This is genuinely a situation for lying.

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