What is Burn Notice?

a) An offshoot of the pending Comcast/NBC Universal merger that calls for improved corporate synergy between sister networks NBC and USA.
b) A reward for the few, the proud… the viewers who managed to refrain from calling it a night following a very uneven Weekend Update in which Bill Hader’s hilarious Elliot Spitzer impersonation was all but eviscerated that to bits by the always unfunny French comedian Jean K. Jean (Kenan Thompson) and the equally disappointing Andy “Liam the Teenager Who Just Woke Up” Samberg.
c) A surprisingly funny SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE sketch.
d) All of the above.

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  • I enjoyed this sketch–at least something was funny on SNL 🙂

  • Lucy

    I thought this sketch was so funny!! I have no idea what Burn Notice is either.

  • Asap

    That was pretty funny!!

    (P.S. I am one of those fans who follows Burn Notice)

  • gerry miller

    An unfunny bit about a show that takes place in Miami.



  • Could have been funnier..

  • AJ

    LOVED the skit!!! I love burn notice so it was interesting to see how unfamiliar people might try to decipher the show by just the title and tghe ad (minus voice over).

  • bws

    Ha, I make fun of my friend for watching Burn Notice and will be immediately emailing him this.

  • TVFan

    How funny was this sketch? Even Ashton Kutcher couldn’t ruin it for me (Sorry, what a tool!)

  • Is this a sketch or a plug?

  • Kristen

    I find it funny that NBC was promoting a show on USA… Oh wait, doesn’t NBC own USA? Weird…

  • This skit was funny only because it was a proven laugh getter by Aziz Ansari in his stand up.
    check this link for both clips

  • Matt

    Definitely a comedic way to plug a show. Nice to see SNL trying something new. Actually Burn Notice was the number one rated show on Cable for the first half of season 3. It’s one of my personal fav’s. Thursday at 10 on USA.

    Michael, Sam, and Fiona an awesome trio. Hey Sam drinks are on me!!!