Your TV Quotes of the Week


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  • Eric

    I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing Lost on the quote of the week for quite some time starting this week. I couldn’t be happier about it!

  • TVFan

    Next to the episode with Jay’s ex-wife, this week’s Modern Family was hands down my favorite. Everything about it was hilarious and the ending was surprisingly touching.

  • Chels725

    Lol love the Community quote. Their were tons of others that could’ve been used but that one was great too.

  • Ashley

    On Community:

    I loved Pierce ‘s “You think I’m too old to monkeyshines at a picture show?” I wish I’d suggested it in time! The follow-up (“I’m younger than the three of you put together”) was great as well.

  • Ashley

    Sorry for the typo. The quotation was “You think I’m too old to make monkeyshines at a picture show?”