A LOST Spin-off We’d Like to See!


With pilot season kicking into high gear perfectly coinciding with LOST coming to an end, one of the biggest mysteries surrounding the show, well, aside from the whole ‘deal’ with the island and all, involves the question as to what’s next for the ridiculously talented ABC ensemble. After-all, just because Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly >pre-emptively put the kibosh on the obvious JACK AND KATE PLUS EIGHT spin-off that fans (okay, we) were so desperately clamouring for, doesn’t mean there still isn’t hope for the rest of the cast.

Which is why, before the ink dries on Daniel Dae Kim’s contract to headline the upcoming HAWAII FIVE-0 reboot by CBS, theTVaddict.com wanted to take the opportunity to pitch an alternative, inspired by our favorite Toronto TV critic Bill Harris.

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  • bws

    Ha, fat Jin is funny.

    Good luck to Daniel! He might get me to watch CBS for a change.

  • Bridget

    ha love the pic! Uddas! I hope he still has his accent for this new show!

  • TVFan

    So funny, although for the record, I’d definitely watch Jon and Kate Plus Eight.

  • That’s a great pic, man. Hilarious.