As the majority of CHUCK fans busy themselves with burning creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak in effigy following last night’s controversial episode that had Chuck and Sarah heading further down their respective relationship rabbit holes with Hannah and Shaw. We thought we’d take the opportunity to throw a few logs on the fire, but for a different reason entirely. Namely, Chuck versus the Budget Cuts. We’re just sayin’, there was absolutely nothing awesome about an episode that was entirely Jeff, Lester and well, Captain Awesome free. Particularly when the funny threesome were replaced with really bad Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy impersonation courtesy of our least favorite characters Ellie and Morgan.

Since CBS insists on ruining our post-Super Bowl party with the likes of SURVIVOR, CRIMINAL MINDS and Sunday’s super-underwhelming UNDERCOVER BOSS each and every time they get the chance. A fairly funny instalment of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER that introduced “duck or rabbit” into the lexicon, included a memorable callback to the ‘naked man,’ and featured one of the smartest Ted one-liners to date (“Don = Donald = Donald Duck”) — was slightly less so as we spent the better part of twenty-two minutes wondering just how many more faux post-Super Bowl episodes creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays will have to concoct before CBS finally gets the message. Fingers crossed three times is the charm.

Last night’s Tour-du-Cuddy performance by Lisa Edelstein continued to reinforced our belief that if HOUSE wasn’t so frequently overly formulaic, we wouldn’t so frequently press pass on Monday nights.

Despite some fantastic guest starring turns by TV Addict favorites such as EVERWOOD’s Merrilyn Gann and BEING ERICA’s Erin Karpluk, last night’s fourth episode of LIFE UNEXPECTED finds us getting somewhat unexpectedly annoyed with the show’s pint-sized protagonist. Seriously. Outside of getting adopted by the Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt clan, when is Lux going to grow up and realize just how good she’s got it? Echoing the sentiments of fellow Canadian TV Addict Myles McNutt, there are only so many more times we wish to tune in to see the same plot-point rehashed. Or, as our favorite fictional President [Bartlett] might put it, “What’s Next?”

Needing to kill some time between HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and LIFE UNEXPECTED, we yet again subjected ourselves to a few minutes of Jenna Elfman’s so-called half-hour sitcom. Needless to say, our problem with it is simple: Just how is this show still on the air?

  • Hil

    4. I am just wondering how Lux had braces as a kid. Does the government fund cosmetic stuff like that? The foster home kids I knew didn’t expect or get anything like that.

  • Agree about House. How amazing was Lisa last night?!

  • Josh Emerson

    Am I the only one who didn’t miss Jeffster? Call me crazy, but they have always been my least favorite part of Chuck. Honestly, probably my favorite recent episode was the one a few weeks ago when there was no Buy More at all.

  • alex

    Lisa Edelstein did an amazing performance last night. She stole my heart

  • Laceski

    Regarding Chuck, I have to tell you, I’m actually pretty pleased with the new romantic pairings. I’ve never been much of a Chuck/Sarah-shipper and spent the better part of the first two seasons wishing she’d get back together with Bryce. They have a very teacher/student parent/child relationship and that’s just not an appealing foundation for a relationship. I don’t really care about Hannah, but I’m more than pleased that Sarah and Shaw are hooking up. Good for her! After Chuck left Sarah in the lurch so he could go play James Bond for a while, she totally deserves better and I’m glad she’s moving on. I’m continually amazed that anyone really thinks Sarah and Chuck would be a good pair.

  • Reese

    I agree with you Josh Emerson. Jeff and Lester are my least favorite part of the show and I couldn’t care less about Captain Awesome. I’m glad when they weren’t featured last night.

  • MC

    Couldn’t AGREE more about the complete lack of Jeffster. I was so looking forward all week to here their report on Chuck and what technique’s he uses to floss and other insane stuff those two loveable idiots come up with. EPIC FAIL SCHWEDAK!!!!

  • John

    Lisa Edelstein was fine, but I’m a little turned off by the shameless way House is trying to earn Emmy nominations for her and Robert Sean Leonard by subverting the formula and spending an entire episode on them, only to put them back on the shelf for the rest of the season.Honestly, House is getting on par with Law and Order: SVU in terms of Emmy baiting. Even look at the season premiere, an obvious ploy to get Hugh Laurie a win after four unsuccessful nominations.

  • TVFan

    Chuck: Agree

    How I Met Your Mother: Agree, such a shame that CBS continues to push reality TV garbage down our throats

    House: Love Cuddy!

    LUX: Agree, but completely understand as with the way TV works nowadays you have to write for the lowest common denominator, thus, repeating the central conceit of the show over and over again is a no-brainer.

    Accidentally on Purpose: Jenna Elfman needs to go away.

  • John

    Also, I’m glad you’re not hating on HIMYM, per se, but hating on CBS. They get the most-watched TV show ever and put a crappy reality show no one cares about after it? And the Naked Man and the rabbits vs. ducks argument had me laughing for hours.

  • kevin

    agree about chuck, exept for the part about morgan. he’s hillarious. plus, it’s about time someone started to get suspicious about why chuck’s always wandering off. also, i’m fine with him and sarah getting involved with other people. it’s getting kind of annoying that every episode has them in the same basic situation (they love each other, but can’t be together because of the job).

  • Chuck and Sarah moving on is awesome. I do not like them together, never have. I mean it would be fine if it happened but I am so not pushing for it. I like their new love interest because maybe one of them will finally get some for once.

    Goodbye Accidentally on Purpose, please? That show is still on but not BOT. Stinks.

  • MC

    I’m with Josh and Reese, I can do with less Jeffster and the Buy More altogether, but I do like Captain Awesome, and I’d like to see his exposure to the spy world continued.

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