Defying GLEE’s Hiatus: We Catch Up with Star Jane Lynch


Simply put, our life sucks without GLEE. Which is why, in an effort to help fans keep holding on until the show’s much anticipated April 13 return — we at, in lieu of uploading a killer shower rendition of ‘Can’t Help Fight This Feeling,’ which let’s face it nobody needs to see — will be spending the next few Wednesdays sharing interviews with some of your favorite stars from the show. Today’s interviewee: Jane Lynch — who proved that she’s absolutely nothing like the cheerleading coach fans love to hate — by taking some time at the recent Television Critics Association Press Tour to discuss what’s in store for Sue Sylvester when GLEE finally returns in 61 days, 4 hours, and 55 minutes. But who’s counting?

I think the biggest question on every fan’s mind is just how is Sue going to get her job back now that she’s been fired from McKinley High?
Jane Lynch: Let’s just say that after a little bit of sexual blackmail, Sue will be back.

As much as fans love to hate Sue, do you ever worry about crossing a line?
When I saw that Sue was going to be mean to a student with Down Syndrome I was like, “Oh God, this might be going a little to far.” But then of course there is the lovely payoff at the end of the episode where you see that I’ve been caring about my own sister with Down Syndrome for obviously many years.

Will we be seeing more humanizing moments for Sue in the spring?
I really don’t know, but both those girls, Becky the cheerleader and my sister will be back so we’ll probably be exploring more of the softer side of Sue. Really, whatever our three fabulous writers come up with is fine with me. But being the villain that Sue is you kind of have to sprinkle her very consciously, being sure not to have her in every scene. You don’t ever want to humanize Sue entirely. She gets moments. Like when Sue was left humiliated and heartbroken by [TV news anchor] Rob Remington, only to follow it up by telling Will that she was going to skin his cat. At the end of that scene, I, Jane said, “I’m back!”

Any more love interests on the horizon for Sue?
Not that I know of. I like how her heart got broken. I’m sure they’ll probably come up with something. They can come up with anything.

Is Sue going to get the opportunity to sing?
I’m singing in the second episode back, the ‘Madonna’ episode and that’s all I can tell you, I’ll get in trouble, I’ve probably already said too much.

Since we don’t want to get you in trouble with Ryan Murphy for sharing too many upcoming story secrets, perhaps we can get you in trouble for an entirely different reason. Having had experience playing Sue on the local news, what are your thoughts on the newest FOX News correspondent Sarah Palin?
I almost don’t want to opine…. but I think she’s as stupid as Sue and as over-the-top. You know what, I bet Sarah Palin will end up looking like Sue Sylvester. She’s going to have these ridiculous views with very little knowledge underneath them. You know I have a joke in the first episode back where I call some of my cheerleaders stupid, saying, “You may be some of the stupidest teens I’ve ever encountered and that’s saying something. I coached a young Sarah Palin.”

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