Combining two of our favorite addictions, has begun periodically turning off the TV in order to review TV-related iPhone Apps.

Looking to ensure that your not-so-favorite network on the verge of canceling your oh-so-favorite show thinks twice? Wish you had a quick, painless and non-violent way to let @joshschwartz76 know that the latest plot development between your favorite fictional couple has you this close to CHUCKing your remote? Introducing RANSOM LETTERS, the must-own App for those TV Addicts who simply must be heard.

What Works: Forget those messy scissors and glue, stack of print magazines (remember those?) and countless hours it used to take to craft that perfect ransom note. Seriously. Thanks to this handy little App that includes over 500 unique letters, numbers and punctuation cut out of magazines by hand, ransom notes have never looked this good, not to mention, been this easy to create. With a simple swipe or two of your finger, RANSOM NOTES gives fans the ability to design that perfect eye-catching message guaranteed to strike fear in the hearts of your favorite showrunner or network exec. If that is, they know what’s good for them!

What Doesn’t: Aside from the fact that it wasn’t around during our failed effort to Save EVERWOOD (Yup, still bitter), the only frustrating aspects about RANSOM LETTERS involve the inability to resize individual words and the lack of punctuation such as commas and period. After-all, if there is one thing we at pride ourselves on… it’s proper grammar!

The Bottom Line: Sorry Dawn Ostroff, ‘Save our Show’ campaigns just got taken to the next level. And by that we mean, they may be slightly more annoying! (See samples below.)

RANSOM LETTERS is available on iTunes for $0.99.

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  • Ace

    Wow. Just when you think they have an app for everything!

  • TVFan

    There goes another 99 cents!