Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons Why Last Night’s LOST Kinda Sucked*


As tends to be tradition with the wonderful world of LOST, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse followed up their usual ‘game-changing’ season premiere with an underwhelming episode that featured a helluva lot of wandering through the jungle.

With a finite number of episodes remaining, the surprising return of Ethan (Dr. Goodspeed) as the creepiest OBGYN to hit the small screen since that crazy woman tried to steal Violet’s baby on PRIVATE PRACTICE does not make up for the disappointing absence of Ben, Locke, Richard and everybody’s favorite friendly neighborhood smoke monster.¬†

The annoyance factor on these other Others is multiplied ten-fold thanks to their inability to answer some fairly straightforward and direct question from Jack.

As hesitant as we are to make this comparison, we can’t help but feel that mysterious pools of water with magical healing powers is to LOST what Claire Bennet was to HEROES. ‘Claimed’ Sayid or not, it kinda takes some of the suspense out of things like major character deaths when nobody really ever seems to die on this show anymore.

Which brings us to Claire. Who after a mysterious one year absence, showed up with just enough time remaining in the episode‚Ķ. to keep us waiting yet another week to reveal as to what on earth she’s been up to and why she seems to have picked up the torch left by the dearly departed Rosseau.

*Note: And by ‘Kinda Sucked,’ we still mean better than 95% of what’s currently on television!

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  • jess

    lol, I’m so mentally fired when it comes to Lost that I’ve stopped asking questions and just watch hoping that by the end they’ll have explained what the Frak is going on!

  • Seth C

    You also forgot to mention that the LAPD must be the worst police force there is. Every officer would be looking for the taxi and Kate but she manages to avoid everyone, while finding Claire right where Kate dropped her off. Claire didn’t go to the police, or back to the airport, or anywhere she just stayed where she was??

  • bws

    There were some ridiculous character motivations and actions in this episode. That’s what took me out of it. Also, Ethan being the doctor was not surprising in the least. As soon as Claire went into labor, I said “I bet Ethan is her doctor.” Granted, he SHOULD be the doctor – it’s just not a surprise. These are the kinds of things that will happen in the final season; we are going to get better at predicting answers.

  • Seth C,
    Agreed, the fact that she just left the taxi in front of the hospital empty was laughable, plus her ‘escape’ from LAX amidst no traffic was about as realistic as Jack Bauer making it through LA in practically zero traffic for seasons on end.

  • Nick

    This is the second somewhat-downer review I’ve read this morning, and I think we’re just nitpicking too much. There was nitpicking after last week’s premiere, too. I say we just sit back and enjoy the story and resist making demands for this or that….since most of the episodes are filmed and edited already. They’re not gonna change. Damon & Carlton will navigate us to the end (where, yeah, I wanna know *everything*).

    But at the end of last night’s hour, I was left hungering for a longer installment. And it still really ticks me off that this ride will soon end. So unnecessarily, I might add.

  • Hil

    I always get a laugh when people say it didn’t answer any questions. It answered a lot. We finally have the infection/quarantine/vaccine/French Lady thing fleshed out. We pretty much know what happened to her crew now after they were drug into the temple and came back “infected”. I was waiting for that to be revisited and it was. It was interesting that Sayid got tested by both the Japanese dude and the French lady in her cabin in a similar, painful way. Failing the second time. Apparently she was crazy, but knew what to look for. So that was stuff from previous seasons finally all tied together. I call it a win.

    As a side note, now that we are getting a better look at the rings of ash and protection the Others are putting up…wasn’t there a ring of ash around Jacob’s cabin that was disturbed? Jacob’s followers burned the cabin down once they knew the ward was broken and something bad had gotten in. Ben used the cabin to talk to Jacob. Maybe he had been talking to Esau all along. Who knows how long Esau has been directing things in the background. And someone had to disrupt the ash for him to let him out.

  • Josh Emerson

    I agree with Nick. I think the main problem with obsessive fanbases on shows like Chuck or Lost is that people tend to nitpick and complain way too much, when in reality they still love the shows more than everything else on TV. I’ve never been one of the obsessive type of fans, I just like to sit back and enjoy my favorite shows.

  • Hil

    I am glad it is the last season so I don’t have to worry about all the downers perhaps hurting the show. Complain all you want — it’s been filmed! This is the one show I don’t have to worry about getting canceled or screwed up by the network. That is a rare thing these days.

    If you aren’t catching all the stuff in the episode go to a forum or listen to a LOST podcast to get filled in. It really is a lot more fun when you see all of the nuances that are there. The water cooler aspect of it is half the fun and that has been with the show since day 1.

  • John

    Wow, I must be the anti-Lostie, because I HATED the premiere, but kind of liked this episode. I felt like the Island stuff with the Infection, Jack and Dogan was interesting and did start to address some of my questions as we learned more about being “claimed.” Claire’s return to the Island was cool, and so was seeing Aldo again (as a fan of It’s Always Sunny, I LOVE seeing Rob McElhenney). The flashsideways stuff is still completely useless to me, but at least it didn’t take up a whole lot of time.

  • bws

    Sitting back and enjoying is fine and fun but there is no way you can say “What Kate Does” was as good as “LA X”. Even within LOST there are good and bad episodes. But in order to appreciate the highs, we need to have a few lows.

  • Manju

    Why does there have to be a gamechanger every week? We have a lot of mysteries left to solve, but in a way, we have a lot of hours left too. I was really happy with the character development. Seeing Claire was great, spending time with her and Kate was great. Skate sharing some scenes, Jack showing his integrity, I thought it was all very fitting after all of these events. And, how can you claim nobody stays dead on this show when in the last few episodes, we had John Locke and Juliet die, for good?

  • Ace

    I’m with Hil on this one. I feel like we got a few answers and it set up a lot of interesting things for the next few episodes. Do I wish we had seen Fake Locke, Ben and the others? Sure, but with this big of a cast, there will be episodes where you don’t see anyone. And no one staying dead? The last time I checked Juliet peaced out for real in the last episode! If one of our main characters dies every week, this would be an extremely depressing season. And at least 2 red shirts died (which lead to me having to explain to my husband what red shirts were when I said “Oh man, those two have red shirt written all over them.”).

  • Jake

    I think the criticism “What Kate Does” has gotten from several netoutlets is unfair. Personally I thought it was a great follow-up to the premiere and in comparison to last years crazy time-travelling nonsense it’s nice to see the characters finally reacting again and not just drinking the Dharma kool-aid. Last year I thought they were starting redeem Kate’s character and I felt this episode contributed greatly to that cause. I loved the scene between Sawyer and Kate on the dock (great acting from Evi and Josh). The show isn’t just about the mythology, but about the characters first and foremost and this episode managed to have a fine line between both (even though those new Others annoy the heck out of me too, and yeah I missed Flocke). Claire returned at just the right time, I don’t think there could have been a better moment for her to return than after seeing her off the island with Kate, reinforcing the strong bond between them, and Aaron. All in all it was not as good as “Whatever Happened, Happened” but sure beats the hell out of “Whatever the Case May Be” or “Left Behind”. And NCIS: LA of course.

  • SimplyKimberly

    I am so confused by “What Kate Does” that I don’t even know what I thought about it. It certainly wasn’t on the level of the S6 opener. And in the final season all episodes should be in that level. We need some answers and we need them now.

    Sawyer grieving was the highlight of the ep for me. It was so real and so raw and if JH isn’t nominated for an Emmy this year imma hurt somebody.

    I think I am going to keep the faith that Darlton will make everything make sense in the end. It certainly can’t be worse than how the X-Files ended (cracked out monkeys could have written a better story).

    And yeah, still better than 95% of TV. It is the only show that I watch live and not on the internet at a later time.