FOX Puts AMERICAN IDOL Under the Microscope


Less than 48 hours into AMERICAN IDOL’s new and improved Ellen Degeneres era, FOX isn’t wasting anytime to find out what viewers think. So much so that your very own TV Addict, as an upstanding member of the FOX Viewing Panel awoke this morning to find a very interesting email in our inbox asking for our opinion. Is Ellen just what AMERICAN IDOL has been missing? Do the judges seem like less of a family now that Paula has left the show? Would you describe Randy Jackson as uninteresting, weak, or competent? These were just some of the scintillating questions FOX wanted answers to. In other words, Randy‚Ķ be afraid, be very afraid.

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  • Nick

    Randy = Weak, uninteresting, boring. Let’s be real, Dawg, 95% of all A.I. viewers hold this opinion. How many times can he critique a person, saying “It was a little pitchy for me.”

    If Ellen demonstrates anything, it’s that the original weak links are more than replaceable.

  • I get these on a bi-weekly basis. I don’t know why they keep asking me what I think of Randy. I tell them every other week! You’d think they learn!! I mean, you KNOW they read my ratings personally each time, right?


    *sigh* I’m just a statistic.

  • Johnny

    No offense, but they put these American Idol questionnaires out all the time. I usually receive about 8 throughout the course of a season asking about opinions on things like the judges.

  • Johnny,

    No offense taken! Having rarely received one of these emails I just found it fascinating.

  • ruth sasser

    Randy J is great, an asset to the show.

  • TVFan

    Re: Randy Jackson
    Where is the checkbox for ‘waste of airtime’?

  • Nick

    Dear Ruth Sasser (alias Randy Jackson’s mother):
    Are you serious? He couldn’t contribute any LESS if he actually TRIED to.