He’s Just a Small Town Boy: PARKS AND RECREATION Star Chris Pratt Talks Pawnee and EVERWOOD!


One of the perks that comes with running a popular television-centric site is that every now and then something happens that’s so awesome you can’t help but think, “Did that really just happen?” Take, for example, the moment when PARKS AND RECREATION star Chris Pratt — whose career I’ve followed in a somewhat-obsessive-but-not-to-the-point-of-creepy-stalkerdom fashion — capped off our chat at an NBC event by suggesting we do a shot (or two) at the bar! (Knowing some of you would be skeptical, I made sure there’d be photographic evidence of this bonding moment, which can be found HERE.) And while that was more than enough to make the whole gig worthwhile for me, I made sure to ask a few questions about his time in both EVERWOOD and Pawnee so there’d be something in it for y’all, as well.

First off, you’ll have to forgive me for starting out with an EVERWOOD question or two because years later I still miss the show. Do you?
Chris Pratt: I wouldn’t say that I miss the show necessarily, but I look back on it really fondly. We had the greatest time and I’m really grateful to have been on it. From time to time I’ll miss living in Utah, I really liked Salt Lake City, but the amount of time we got [4 seasons] was perfect. We left fans wanting a little bit more which I think is a good thing so that the show didn’t have the chance to do that fifth season which might have caused it to jump the shark.

Do you still keep in touch with any of the cast members?
I do. I just went on a nice long hike with Greg [Smith] today. That’s a friendship that was developed there that I’ll never forget. He’s a really great friend and always will be. I’ll never look back on EVERWOOD with any negativity, it was just such an awesome opportunity and time in my life. You just bringing up the show makes me miss it even more.

Your former fictional girlfriends Sarah Drew is one of the busiest actresses in Hollywood, have you had the chance to catch her on anything.
Sarah Drew’s future is so bright she’s got to wear shades! I saw her on MAD MEN and she just gets better with time and with age and will be one of those actors who will work well into her eighties if she wants to. She’s just that good.

Speaking of working, this season has seen Andy find some fairly stable employment inside the government of Pawnee. Any chance this is just the first step of Andy’s political career?
That is a very good question. I think so. Andy would probably think so too. In fact, I think he’d make a great politician. He’s kind of wholesome and what’s that word that’s being thrown around for politicians lately… folksy? He’s very folksy and could appeal to a mass group of people. Plus he’s just dumb enough to not realize that he’s not in really in control. I think he’d be a wonderful candidate. Maybe he should run for Vice President?

And finally, on the relationship front, where do you think Andy and April are headed?
I don’t know how long Andy can remain oblivious of the fact that April likes him. I’ve really liked being able to do scenes with Aubrey [Plaza], but that’s really a question for the writers. All I know is that I hope they continue on because it’s made for a very fun work environment.

Thanks to high profile roles on THE OC and PARKS AND RECREATION you’re obviously more known for your comedic chops. But as any EVERWOOD fan can tell you, you injected some real and often unexpected emotional depth into Bright Abbott, a role that very easily could have ended up being your typical television comic relief. When PARKS AND RECREATION wraps up (seven or eight seasons from now) would you ever consider tackling a straight-on drama?
I’m too much of a beginner in acting to not consider everything but I feel like I’ve been a goofball my whole life so I can draw on my natural life experiences when it comes to comedy. In terms of drama I think I have it in me though and I’d love to be challenged with it and would love to try it.

PARKS AND RECREATION airs Thursdays at 8:30PM on NBC (CityTV in Canada)

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  • Nick

    Chris, I’m sure you’re reading this….and I hope you know just how much the Everwood fandom misses that show. Unfortunately, leaving it off The CW was the first of many early missteps by the network. No series has come close to the heart of that drama. What a cast of pros. We’ll never forget it.

  • ‘Tos

    Thanks for asking the Everwood questions. I’m loving him on Parks & Recreation. I started watching the show because of Chris’ work as Bright, but now him and the show are really shining. I hope it lasts for a long while, because Chris always looks like he’s having a blast, and no wonder.

  • sanen85

    I hope that Parks & Recs stays on for quite a while myself.

    Just curious, but was the small town boy reference in the title supposed to be about Chris himself or his Everwood character. Chris went to school in my hometown, and while it’s nowhere near huge, it is right outside of Seattle and not really a small town. So, just curious.