Morning Static: Alex O’Loughlin, HEROES, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS & More!

• Stick a fork in it, 5 Reasons why NBC should cancel HEROES.
• Third times the charm? Alex O’Loughlin signs on to CBS’ HAWAII FIVE-0 reboot.
• From the department of Nooooooooooo, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS sets an end date.
• Somebody is really into math, NUMB3RS star David Krumholtz signs on to FOX’s untitled Ron Howard IRS pilot.
• Flashforward to stupidity, The Parents Television Council freaks out over something that has yet to even happen!

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  • Nick

    CBS is just determined to get Alex a series after the Moonlight debacle, aren’t they?

  • bws

    Alex O and Daniel Dae Kim! I think that could be a winner.

    I’m happy FNL will end after 5 seasons. Any time a show can end on its own terms is a win for us. Comedies can go on forever if they want. But dramas should last no more than 4-6 seasons.