Sorry VAMPIRE DIARIES, We’re Not Buying What You’re Selling


When it comes to the increasingly addictive hit CW series THE VAMPIRE DIARIES we’re willing to suspend our disbelief for just about anything. Which is why it doesn’t really bother us that the residents of Mystic Falls have yet to question the semi-regular ‘animal’ attacks on local denizens or the fact that a prerequisite for being a Vampire seems to be supermodel good looks. That said, last night’s episode that had Jeremy Gilbert researching ‘Vampires’ online may have crossed the line. Why? Well, rather than use Google like 99.96% of the world, Gilbert was using Microsoft’s Bing! ‘Nuff said right? I mean who in their right mind uses Bing?

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  • Mayhoff

    Ok so I admit I have used Bing…but only for the cashback scam. Nice post.

  • NikkiHolly

    i’ve gotta tell you, bing was much more helpful when it came to researching my term papers this year. it’s not that bad…and it’s prettier.

  • Nokturne

    I use Bing daily for research and it gives me a lot of stuff !!.. Seriously… I like it a lot!

  • Jessica

    LMAO!!!! Good one!

  • Bridget

    hahaha seeing him use Bing totally threw me for a loop! too funny

  • TVFan

    I wonder how much Micro$oft paid for the totally blatant product placement!

  • Josh C.

    i dont even care that it was in the episode. Last nights episode may have just been the best episode yet. And now it doesnt come back until March25th!!! What am I supposed to do with myself until then?!

  • Nick

    I use Bing for images. Sometimes you can find more variety there.

    As for last night’s episode: WOW. This show continues to be a lesson for other TV writers…people will watch when interesting stuff happens. And VD has not failed to deliver shock after shock every single week. The death truly sucks, however.

  • megan

    hello? its the cw. the kings of promotional product placement. when i still actually watched one tree hill all i could think abot was running out and buying an att/cingular phone because gosh darn all the pretty people on tv had them.

  • Ace

    The CW is bad about product placement, but I don’t know that they are the worst. Have you seen the use of Ford cars in pretty much every Fox show? I laugh the most when they have the characters describe the Sync system to each other (there have been a couple of Fringe episodes that have harped on it). Or how about that episode of Bones that was almost entirely about Avatar…

  • John

    Hilarious. The only Bings I like are cherries and Chandler.

  • i can’t lie, i use bing as well. their video preview is pretty sweet!

  • Nick

    Thank heavens American Idol hasn’t stooped to product placement.

  • Michael

    Actually only 65.4% of the world uses Google, 11.3% use Bing. Learn the stats.

  • Manju

    Ahah, you’re so right. I didn’t even know Bing was still trying, they should just give up. And those 11,3% only uses Bing because Microsoft forces it upon everybody who uses Hotmail.

  • Michael

    Okay I can get behind that 😀

  • Cassidy

    Bing… Google… what’s the difference. Product placement is product placement. Besides… kids are always up on “what’s new.” That aside, the show is based on escapist fantasy… it doesn’t have to be accurate 😛