TV Ratings: Wednesday February 10, 2010 (Yes, it may be time for us to jump on the HUMAN TARGET bandwagon)

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM FOX Human Target 8.92 2.5/7
ABC Charlie Brown Valentine (R) 7.51 2.5/7
CBS New Adventures of Old Christine 7.51 2.3/7
NBC Mercy 6.78 1.8/5
CW Life Unexpected (R) 1.63 0.8/2
8:30PM ABC The Middle 8.25 3.0/8
CBS Gary Unmarried 7.68 2.4/7
9PM FOX American Idol 25.02 9.5/23
CBS Criminal Minds 14.77 3.8/9
ABC Modern Family 10.11 4.2/10
NBC Law & Order: SVU (R) 4.45 1.2/3
CW Gossip Girl (R) 660,000 0.3/1
9:30PM ABC Cougar Town 6.66 2.8/7
10PM CBS CSI: NY 13.69 3.6/10
NBC Law & Order: SVU (R) 5.98 1.8/5
ABC Ugly Betty 4.71 1.7/5

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  • bws

    So is the CW airing the Monday installment of “Life Unexpected” on Wednesday at 8 EST? that would clear up my monday at 9pm DVR triple booking issue.

  • Ace

    I was luke warm about Human Target the first few weeks, but this week’s episode was highly entertaining. And it is perfect for the show b/c there is not really anything else on at 8 on Wed.

  • Irish Joe

    Fantastic to see how amazingly well Modern Family is doing against Idol (I was afraid that Idol would kill it’s momentum!).. In fact this is only the third time that they achieved over 10 million viewers!!

  • J

    I really can’t believe that Modern Family is actually matching series highs against Idol. That’s incredible! I guess Fox’s plan to hurt the show backfired, although the numbers for Cougar Town are really troubling.

  • J,
    I wholeheartedly agree. Even though I have yet to catch UGLY BETTY (rest assured it’s comfortably resting on my PVR/DVR), last night’s lineup of ABC comedy was simply fantastic. THE MIDDLE, MODERN FAMILY and COUGAR TOWN all had what I think may have been their strongest episodes.

  • I think the jury is still out on whether Target will get a second season. 2.5 is alright for FOX (it would be SUPER for NBC); but for it to be around Idol, I think FOX was expecting more.

    Past Life is gone for sure, however.

  • Nick

    Yes, bws, at least until Top Model returns on March 10, Life Unexpected’s Monday episode repeats on Wednesday, which—as Ace correctly notes—is a wide-open timeslot for some network with a killer idea. The nets had their chance on Tuesdays, too, til Lost came back. Now they’ll never get me.

    Agree, TVA, Modern Family was hysterical. Although Cougar Town is, unfortunately, a letdown in laughs. All of those acquaintances coming up to Claire when her coat got stuck…such a LOL scene.

  • E

    I’ve enjoyed Human Target so far. I think you should give it a chance 🙂

  • Mayhoff

    Human Target isn’t bad. It kinda has a Burn Notice feel to it.

  • j

    really? after falling asleep countless times AGAIN through ep 3, much like i did the previous 2, i finaly deleted it from my over crwoded tv scedual. it has some great actors, and i like adventure, but something just doesn’t click with me.

  • Leigh

    I love Mark Valley and was sorry to see him disappear so quickly from Fringe. He is another attractive actor with potentional that just hasn’t had the backing he deserves (much like Alex O’Loughlin and Moonlight). I loved Valley in Keen Eddie and it disappeared as well. Give Human Target a chance. At least it isn’t another forensic show. And guys may not care, but women should find Valley real easy on the eyes for an hour!

  • actionadventurelovingfamily

    We have always enjoyed Human Target. If we miss an episode on the original night we watch it streaming the following day. Not sure if this helps its ratings, but it is one of the best shows on tv. It would be nice to see it for a third season. Hopefully FOX is smart enought to leave one of the best action/adventure shows on the air.