An In Depth Look at… THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Adamgeddon!

You know how BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER used to have a Big Bad every season? Well, right now, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS has one. And though Adam Newman doesn’t have fangs, we’re 99 percent sure that spiky hair of his is hiding horns. But proving that old schoolyard taunt “it takes one to know one,” Genoa City’s resident She-Devil, Phyllis, this week sets out to bring Adam down… even if it means putting her marriage through hell!

“Phyllis hates Adam the way kids hate vegetables,” says Soaps In Depth executive editor Richard M. Simms, who happens to be our go-to guy for sudsy scoop. “What’s funny is that she doesn’t know even half the things that he’s done. For example, she is clueless about the fact that he stole Sharon’s baby and gave it to Ashley. Ironically, that baby happens to have been fathered by Phyllis’ husband, Nick. So if Phyllis winds up exposing the truth, she could accidentally push Nick right back into the arms of his ex-wife. And if there’s one person Phyllis hates more than Adam, it’s probably Sharon!”

Just to complicate matters even more — it is a soap, after all — is the fact that Nick has been publicly feuding with half-brother Adam, but privately working with him (and their shared dad, Victor) to bring down Tucker McCall! So as much as Nick loathes his brother, now is the worst time possible for Phyllis to go rocking the boat where Adam is concerned!

“Events are set in motion this week that will change everything,” says Simms. “One wrong move on anyone’s part, and the whole house of cards could come crumbling down. Phyllis could bring about the end of her own marriage if she’s not careful. And if she pushes Adam out of the picture, what’s to prevent Nick from running back to his ex-wife, Sharon? Heaven knows, when Sharon gets a splinter, Nick rushes over with a pair of tweezers!”

For details on this story, see the new CBS issue of Soaps In Depth, which also features an interview with VAMPIRE DIARIES hottie Paul Wesley, a look at couples people said would never last, and the scoop on a new soap being brought to the airwaves by a former ANOTHER WORLD star!

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  • I find it very interesting. Phyllis could really give a rats ass about Sharon and she knows she is a threat, but she could very well bring Nick and Sharon their baby back. Which is the ultimate gift she could give Nick.

    I just don’t get why they have to have them do secrets. Its LAME and Annoying, especially in this story where Phick could be working together to bring down Adam since they both dislike him. I hate the secrets. It doesn’t work for me.

  • Nicky

    I hated the Adam baby-switching storyline, but I have to admit, can’t wait for the big reveal when Adam gets caught! And it would be nice to see Phyllis free of Nick for awhile. She has become way too boring. She needs to mix it up and raise hell. Let Nick & Sharon get back together for the time being.

  • SharonFan

    Phyllis needs to take a hike! She is so obsessed with Sharon and seeing her in pain that she is willing to sacrifice her own marriage. It is too bad Adam can’t find out about her past (I.e. running over Paul and Christine). I don’t want Adam to be busted, him and Sharon are great together. I hope Nick dumps Phyllis for good, she’ll deserve it!

  • MMSCfan

    I am sick to death of that ugly drag queen/horse faced tramp, Phyllis! Why does this manly looking creature have to be in every storyline? I love Shadam and they are the only reason I watch Y&R but with Phyllis in the mix, it’s really a turn off. She’s butted that gigantic pig shaped nose of hers into every story on the show! I wish the writers would either kill her off if they don’t know what to do with her or GIVE HER HER OWN F***ING STORY!!! Sh!t!!!

  • sarah


    Hey, I understand you not liking the character of Phyllis, but do you really have to attack the actress who plays her? Your comments on the actress’ appearance are cruel and reprehensible.

    I like Adam and Sharon. Were Adam not a borderline sociopath like his father, he’d be a good match for Sharon. But, he’s doomed. 🙁