Friday Fun: Do the Reverse Time Warp!


As much as we’d like to pretend we’re sitting at our desk working as dilegently as always, the reality of the situation is that it’s the Friday before a long weekend… which means our eyes are on the clock and we’re just waitin’ for quitting time. A lot of you are probably in the same boat, so why not pass what remains of the day by playing a little game we’re calling Reverse Time Warp. Look at the picture above, then turn back the hands of time and try to guess the name of the former child star who went from sharing the big screen with a future superhero to living under the same small-screen roof as an actor who went on to win a Best Actor Emmy for being very, very bad!

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  • Seth C

    Jackie Earle Haley!! Still love him from the Bad New Bears!

  • Amanda

    The kid who played Dewey on Malcolm in the Middle? Don’t know his real name..

  • Kristen

    Definately the kid who played Dewey. He’s so old now!

  • John K.

    Wow, that’s Erik Per Sullivan? And he’s 18? I feel so freaking old. And very cool trivia clues with Tobey Maguire from Cider House Rules and, of course, Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston from MitM.

  • Nick

    My first reaction was also Jackie Earle Haley. The yellow teeth were a dead giveaway. But now with the other guesses, I’m just confused.