TV Ratings: Thursday February 11, 2010 (Survivor Snuffs Out the Competition)

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM CBS Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains 14.23 4.6/13
FOX Bones (R) 8.07 2.1/1
ABC The Deep End 5.67 1.5/4
NBC Community 5.25 2.3/7
CW Vampire Diaries 3.55 1.5/4
8:30PM NBC Parks and Recreation 4.99 2.3/6
9PM CBS Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains 14.11 4.5/12
ABC Grey’s Anatomy 12.67 4.3/11
NBC The Office 7.40 3.7/10
FOX Past Life 5.31 1.4/4
CW Supernatural 2.49 1.0/3
9:30PM NBC 30 Rock 6.09 2.9/7
10PM CBS The Mentalist 15.72 3.6/10
ABC Private Practice 9.07 3.2/9
NBC The Office (R) 3.42 1.7/5
10:30PM NBC The Office (R) 2.78 1.4/4

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  • Nick

    I’m tempted to say “What’s wrong with people?” But then I remember that the aged, brain-dead folks who watch “what they BELIEVE is a reality competition among people we don’t know, doing things we don’t care about, in places not worth mentioning” actually fall asleep by 8:15 with the TV on. Thus, I take CBS ratings with a huge grain.

    So many people missed some huge reveals on Vampire Diaries.

  • Josh Emerson

    The ratings drop for Grey’s really surprises me. It actually got beat by Survivor!

    I’m glad Community did well. NBC better renew it.

  • Marita

    R u kidding? Survivor on top..HELOO people..GET a life!! Vampire Diaries..100% better..OMG u people r Insane..hope u got stock in a Island with ur hommies of Survivor & heroes..LOSERS

  • I can’t believe Supernatural does not do better… it is the best show!

  • m

    Supernatural is the best show. This episode was one of the best so far i don’t know why it doesn’t get high ratings.