Find Out If Your Favorite NBC Show is Coming Back Next Season

While we at have traditionally shied away from speculative pieces on whether or not your favorite “on the bubble” shows will be coming back next season, the likes of The Hollywood Reporter, The Wrap and Entertainment Weekly do not. Which is why — coupled with the lack of television news thank-you-very-much Olympic Games — we’ve decided to take the if you can’t beat ’em join ’em approach this year and present our take on which shows might soon be joining the likes of EVERWOOD and ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT in that great television graveyard in the sky. First up: NBC.

Working in its favor: The first step in NBC’s image rehabilitation following the messy Conan/Leno Late Night debacle probably doesn’t include canceling this critical and fan favorite.
Working against it: You mean aside from a disappointing average of 6.8 million viewers per week? The production of a second high profile spy series called UNDERCOVERS by some guy named J.J. something-or-other.
Renewal Odds: Positive.

Working in its favor: The fact that NBC allowed Tim Kring to end the season off on a cliffhanger has us thinking that they’ll give the show thirteen episodes to wrap things up next season.
Working against it: How many people would really care if they didn’t find out what happens next?
Chance of renewal: Positive.

Working in its favor: The show seems to get funnier week after week. Plus, if there’s one thing NBC does do right, it’s nurture ratings anemic freshman comedies (see: THE OFFICE, PARKS AND RECREATION and 30 ROCK)
Working against it: Emphasis on ‘ratings anemic,’ with COMMUNITY averaging a mere  five million viewers and regularly coming fourth in its timeslot.
Renewal Odds: Positive.

Working in its favor: NBC may be scrambling to come up with enough programming next season to make up for the void left by the failed Jay Leno experiment.
Working against it: Its 3 million dollar per episode price tag combined with the fact that we have yet to meet one person who watches this show.
Renewal Odds: Don’t hold your breath.

Working in its favor: DirecTV, without which this show would have been cancelled two seasons ago. 
Working against it: A certain in-the-know TV journo who we may-or-may-not have a massive friendcrush on all but canceled the series last week. Talk about your downer Smurf.
Renewal Odds: Not good.

Working in its favor: High profile guest stars and the addition of DAWSON CREEK alum James Van Der Beek have kept this show from flat-lining.
Working against it: If NBC is serious about reclaiming respectability in the creative community, it’s gonna need to do a lot better than a less interesting version of GREY’S ANATOMY.
Renewal Odds: Since we always bet on the ‘Beek,’ we’re gonna go out on a limb with this one and say positive.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow when we put ABC under the microscope. Same Bat Time, Same Bad Channel.

  • Stacie

    Bring back Trauma and Mercy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryanr73

    I am really sick and tired of all these great shows being canceled for crappy shows……I'm a fan of Trauma,Mercy and Friday Night Lights

  • Jazmynrenee

    i loved watching trauma and merci. and wish that they would come back or hope atlaest another network would pick them up. they are great shows with intresting plots. i want them back!!!!

  • Jon

    I love Trauma and I wish it would continue. Now you’ve met somebody who has watched it.

  • Danima87

    Wooow!! i cant believe this web page saying that nobody watches traume. i don’t know where you ve been looking but there is a ton of people hooked to this show. so please let it air

  • Aaron Cannizzaro

    i am a huge fan of trauma and know like 100 ppl who loved that show and you guys say you cant find a person who liked it…. i wish you would bring it back with all the same ppl

  • Aaron Cannizzaro

    i just went thru this comment page how can nbc say theres no trauma fans there is hella ppl that liked that show and i think nbc needs to bring it back atleast for one season its realistic and true too i am training to be emt and i read lots so bring it back please

  • jeanne fosnot

    “Parenthood” is the best drama I’ve seen on TV for years. If you drop this extraordinary drama, you’ll lose me to watching only PBS.