Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Shows Even We, Addicted As We Are To TV, Won’t Be Watching

simpsons curling

The CW’s Latest Reality Offerings
We’ll consider this a two-for one, because the similarly titled FLY GIRLS (featuring the no-doubt sexy exploits of flight attendants on Virgin airlines — get it?) and HIGH SOCIETY (following the hob-nobbing heiress Tinsley Mortimer and her pals) are examples of a “reality” trend we’d just as soon see die.

Curling on the Winter Olympics
Curling? Seriously? Please, if we wanted to watch people madly running around with brooms clearing a path for a forward-moving object, we’d ask our moms to always walk five feet in front of us.

What started as one of the most intriguing premises of the season — with a killer trailer to boot — has seen any and all enthusiasm we might have had for it deadened by the network’s decision to cut it from a 13-episode season to a four-hour mini-series and now, as of January, a two-hour movie. Although NBC insists on calling the two-hour episode a “pilot”, the odds of it getting picked up are right up there with those of HEROES ever regaining the storytelling brilliance it had back in its first season.

Sorry, but we have absolutely no interest in in seeing some bit corporate honcho do “grunt work” and then, after saying, “wow, I had no idea how hard real people work!” get back in his limo and go home to his million-dollar mansion.

Producer say this show will help “enlighten viewers that every decision you make in life matters.” But what it is really saying to them is, “Hey, no matter how heinous a crime you commit, there’s always the freak-show that is reality television to help you try and sell the ‘new-and-improved’ version of yourself.” Sorry, we ain’t buying it.

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  • Nick

    Couldn’t agree more. Hope Virgin & Tinsley are paying CW well, because it’s those type of shows that give a network a bad name. And “Vick the Sick?” My feelings about this dog torturer are well documented. Any network that gives him facetime to earn money will never be viewed in my household.

  • J

    I’m with you on these. I would’ve added Jersey Shore to the list though. How is that actually popular?

  • bws

    Very confusing story about “Day One.” Down to a 2 hour movie? Wow. Given the dearth of NBC programming, it’s possible it could get picked up. I guess NBC will weigh it against their huge slew of new pilots.

    The rumor is that Heroes will be renewed but told to wrap it up in about 12 episodes in the fall. Apparently, Heroes is huge in the international markets. Go figure.

  • Abby

    I so hope that Michael Vick show fails miserably. How anyone could give him a show is beyond me. 🙁

  • Eric

    I, for one, will be tuning in to the beginning of The Michael Vick Project. I’m all for giving him another chance, and I’m hoping to see if he’s learned from his mistakes. I’m also willing to put aside my incessant cynicism and believe that this reality television is accurate in its portrayal of Vick’s learning process.

  • Jennifer

    “we’d ask our moms to always walk five feet in front of us”…….i nearly fell out of my chair laughing….gold, dan, gold!

  • Wow, I really am different. Curling is the Winter Olympic sport I’m *most* interested in watching and one of only two for which I bothered setting the DVR.

    I vaguely remember the preview for Day One looking very intriguing… And, also very expensive, which is probably why it’s gotten chopped down so much. NBC probably can’t afford ti.

    I’m far less likely to watch Day One knowing it was a full series concept knocked down to a single two-hour movie. My guess is it will cliffhang some important plot points, like Fox’s Viruality did, which will never be explored again. I’m not sure it’s worth the disappointment. Most people will probably skip it for the same reason. Then, in all their wisdom, NBC executives will look and the ratings and say, “See, it’s a good thing we didn’t pick this up for a full series because it wouldn’t have gotten the ratings.” Chicken or egg — either way NBC will get backwards.

    I did watch last night’s Hooters episode of Undercover Boss. It was mildly entertaining, but I have a feeling every episode feels about the same regardless of the business.

    I know I’ve heard the name Michael Vick countless times on the radio, but I care so little, I still don’t know what he’s famous/infamous for.

  • Jennie


    I just have one comment. In most of these types of stories that you do, you constantly slam “reality” tv shows, which I agree with. However, then in two days you write a story complaining about how addicted you are to the bachelor, or how you’re going to watch/PVR American Idol. And, to be fair, you are far from the only one. It makes me crazy to read these posts “I hate reality tv” but I’m addicted to the amazing race, or survivor etc… No you either want reality tv to end, and therefore, you do not watch any of it, and try to get all that you know to give it up as well, or you like it, just not all of it.
    ok, and sorry, rant over

  • brianna

    okay, call me crazy but i am super psyched for fly girls. the women look great and incredibly beautiful and i love that they are normal middle class girls living the high life, unlike that crap show the hills or this lame high socity thing premiering before it on the cw. tv critic, you are so wrong grouping these shows together and you are even more wrong slamming fly girls before you give it a chance. i am def looking forward to seeing it and so is everyone else i have talked to about it.

  • Liz

    Curling’s Awesome!! But I’m Canadian, so that might explain it. But if you’re not interested, then we’ll take those two gold medals by default. No problem.

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