TV Ratings: Sunday February 14, 2010 (CBS’ Post-Super Bowl Strategy Pays Off)

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM NBC Winter Olympics 2010 28.06 7.0/19
CBS The Amazing Race 16 8.90 2.6/7
ABC America’s Funniest Home Videos 7.17 2.0/5
FOX The Simpsons 5.87 2.6/7
8:30PM FOX Cleveland Show 4.85 2.3/6
9PM NBC Winter Olympics 2010 29.55 7.7/19
CBS Undercover Boss 14.16 4.7/11
FOX Family Guy 6.42 3.2/8
ABC Extreme Makeover: HE 5.61 1.7/4
9:30PM FOX American Dad 5.23 2.5/6
10PM NBC Winter Olympics 2010 27.45 7.9/20
CBS Cold Case 9.05 2.2/6

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  • Hil

    NBC is going to wish it was the Olympics every season. So far they aren’t losing any ratings (haha) from what they would have been airing without it. See how it goes tonight.

  • Hil,
    As great as NBC is looking right now in terms of audience share, it’s important to remember that the network’s already admitted that they’re going to lose approx 250 million dollars on these Olympics.

  • Hil

    Because it costs a lot to produce the Olympics in comparison to their crap programming no one was watching anyway? I guess. Sucks to be them. They’d be losing more if it was taking the spot of high rated shows though. If they were Fox and running it instead of Idol then they’d be losing much more than just production cost for example.

  • Hil

    I just read up on it and it seems like they were freaking out about the 250 mil because they anticipated Americans wouldn’t tune in to events without Americans in it and the fact that Vonn got injured. Now that it seems like people are tuning in even without American stars in certain events and that Vonn has gotten a few more days of rest because of the melt before she has to compete…the 250 seems to be them just freaking out. So far their doomsday hasn’t arrived. People are watching.

  • theo

    They are losing money because they overbid for the games.

  • Hil

    They overbid, but they also underestimated the viewers. So far the games are rating 26% higher than the last ones and that is good. It is tracking much closer in ratings to games that are set in the States. They’ll have to see how it plays out on a weeknight, but if the games continue to rate higher than their original estimates then their high bid doesn’t sting as bad.