Watch, PVR, Pass: Monday February 15, 2010


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  • patty

    I guess I will watch them since you asked so nicely. Actually, I’ve gotten my whole family to watch Life Unexpected.

  • Ace

    I like Life Unexpected and want it to get a season 2 but I hope hey move away from the pilot formula now. Show starts with Blaze and/or Kate doing something stupid, Lux wanting to leave and then everyone being happy at the end. It is like the emotional equivalent of a procedural. Let the drama bleed across episodes!

  • kevin

    once again, skipping 24 is ridiculous and unacceptable. but then again, there is a distinct lack of teenage girls going through teenage drama, and an excess of kick-assery.

  • kevin,
    Let me know when they give Katee Sackhoff something interesting to do!

  • Caryn

    Since HIMYM and Big Bang are repeats Life Unexpected and Greek are the only two things I will watch tonight!! Both GREAT shows!!!

  • Liz

    I wish I could watch Life Unexpected. My cable setup doesn’t explicitly get the CW. Used to but not anymore. The only CW shows I can watch are those that get replayed on Space, or Global. Frustrating.

  • I watch both Life Unexpected and Greek (and Make it or Break It). I actually have been trying to encourage others to watch LU but some of my friends just don’t want ot add something else to their lineups cause they’re already full.

  • kevin

    that is true. katee’s subplot is completely uninteresting.