Find Out If Your Favorite ABC Show is Coming Back Next Season

While we at have traditionally shied away from speculative pieces on whether or not your favorite “on the bubble” shows will be coming back next season, the likes of The Hollywood Reporter, The Wrap and Entertainment Weekly do not. Which is why — coupled with the lack of television news thank-you-very-much Olympic Games — we’ve decided to take the if you can’t beat ’em join ’em approach this year and present our take on which shows might soon be joining the likes of EVERWOOD and ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT in that great television graveyard in the sky. Today’s focus: ABC

Working in its favor: The fact that ABC gets to swim Scrooge-McDuck-style in a vault filled with money thanks to the millions upon millions that ABC Studios has netted off SCRUBS in the lucrative syndication market.
Working against it: Thanks to the internet, syndication dollars aren’t nearly what they used to be. And as much as it pains us to say this, neither was this ill-conceived quasi spin-off.
Renewal Odds: 50/50

Working in its favor: Critical acclaim and a small group of really passionate fans.
Working against it: It doesn’t air on the CW, which sadly, is the only network where 2 million viewers is considered a hit.
Renewal Odds: Ted is dead.

Working in its favor: A stellar ensemble headlined by Elizabeth Mitchell and Morena Baccarin.
Working against it: The insidious ABC executive who thought it would be a good idea to yank the show off the air after a four week November try-out. Not to mention, the consistent stream of production ‘breaks’ that rarely bode well for a scripted series.
Renewal Odds: Positive.

Working in its favor: A third time… errr, showrunner’s the charm, right?
Working against it: In every respect — from ratings to writing — this pricey ensemble show failed to live up to both the hype, and the marketing muscle ABC put behind it in an effort to find their next LOST.
Renewal Odds: Grim.

Working in its favor: Judging from the uptick in viewers for the show’s sophomore season, we’re not the only ones who find Nathan Fillion’s charm irresistible.
Working against it: CASTLE’s inability to hold onto as much of THE BACHELOR’s audience as ABC would have hoped for
Renewal Odds: Positive.

Working in its favor: An immensely likeable cast…
Working against it: … who unfortunately have been saddled with a poorly written run-of-the-mill legal show.
Renewal Odds: Not Happening.

Working in its favor: The network that famously turned down the original CSI and the subsequent billions that came with it are not surprisingly, a tad skittish when it comes to giving any Jerry Bruckheimer project the boot.
Working against it: As indicated by UGLY BETTY’s recently cancelation, getting your butt kicked by the failed 10PM experiment that was THE JAY LENO SHOW does not bode well for your renewal chances.
Renewal Odds: Forget about it.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow when we put the CW under the microscope. Same Bat Time, Same Bad Channel.

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  • I am not so sure that V will be back… New episodes are going to air at 10PM, and after Lost! Hello!? Every show that airs after Lost, is dead… ;p

  • bws

    Either FF or V will be brought back. Since V has more story potential, it’s the leading candidate.

    I can’t believe that scrubs is at 50/50 however. I think it’s more like 5/95. Sorry Bill L.

  • Ace

    Bye-bye, Ted :(. At least Castle is doing well.

    I have to say, I kind of doubt that V or FF will be back. Both of them were hemorraging viewers and this extremely long hiatius is NOT going to help. I was watching FF, but even I don’t know that I’ll care when it comes back. V has a better chance, but I imagine it is pretty expensive to make. So if it doesn’t do well its first few weeks back, I bet it is done too.

  • Scrubs this season is very bad. Last one was not so good either, but this one is total failure. I hope that they will reconsider Better Off Ted, since it’s really good. Flashforward is disappointing after first few episodes. Last one was somewhat better, but this is nowhere near quality of Lost on a bad day. I agree that The Deep End has nothing more than very good cast.

    But Castle, MUST return for another (or even more) season. Katic/Fillion are both amazing and the whole series is so anti CSI that it’s really refreshing, fun and interesting.

  • Is it sad to say that I consistently forget that The Forgotten is even on the air? I mean, every time it’s mentioned somewhere, I’m surprised.

  • Nick

    Two things:

    #1: CW, please get Matt Long cast in one of your shows…like, yesterday.

    #2: ABC, if you are so intent on finding the “next Lost,” why didn’t you try to get more mileage out of the Lost you already HAVE? Another season, or a Dharma/Others spinoff (with whichever writers wanted to come aboard)… It’s a fascinating story with a built-in fanbase, and certainly would’ve achieved at least the ratings that your poor, expensive knock-offs are getting.

  • Ted is by far one of my favorite shows & if they would just move it to Wednesdays the damn show would have a chance!

  • Your comment about Scrooge McDuck makes me think you read my January 2-part article about the Late Night Wars on my website, which would have made my day!

  • TVFan

    Save Better Off Ted, somebody, anybody, please!

  • I really hope they bring back FlashForward. Gotta give it some more time. Plus some better scripts. It tends to run a little slow on the uptake. They should speed up the pace as the story unfolds each week. Think that would help much.

  • Andrea

    I am so disappointed that they’re probably canceling Better off Ted, it’s such a hilarious show. My boyfriend and I are addicted to it! Or we would be if ABC hadn’t randomly stopped playing it to play Lost instead 🙁 I totally agree with DVR Slave. If they just changed it to Wednesdays, I think it might do a little better. Pitting a semi-new show up against the powerhouse that is NCIS and its sequel, not to mention American Idol, is a complete mistake. I watch those shows too and I’d always DVR Scrubs and BoT to watch NCIS and NCIS: LA instead as I’m sure most people did and I think if they moved both BoT and Scrubs to Wednesdays, using Scrubs as a lead-in like they’ve been doing, I think BoT might find a better following.

    As for Scrubs, the only reason it has a chance of surviving is the fact that it’s been on for so long so it’s got a following. Honestly, that’s the only reason I’ve been watching it cause I’ve always been such a fan of the show but in the last few years, it’s kinda gone downhill in my opinion. This season just sucks for a lot of reasons…I think if it wasn’t for Dr. Cox and the Drew/Denise relationship, I would have stopped watching, but honestly it did get a bit better after JD left…I liked him a lot more in the earlier seasons but in the last couple of seasons he’s just gotten so incredibly annoying, I can’t stand him. Whenever he’s on, I can’t stand Turk either because he acts way too juvenile and Turk’s always been one of my favorite characters, and I like him again when JD’s not there and Turk’s playing the foil to Dr. Cox so I think if they left JD off the show, completely got rid of the Janitor-wannabe security guards (Note to Bill Lawrence: You cannot duplicate the awesomeness that is the Janitor! Please stop trying!), toned down Cole’s idiocy like they seemed to be doing in the last couple of episodes before Lost took over the slot, and just generally stopped trying to make the show a copy of the old show just with mostly new characters and tried to make it its own show a bit more, it would be more tolerable.

    Phew…that was a fun rant…sorry. But yeah, I think if they did all that to fix Scrubs and make it a better show like it was back in the day (but without trying to make it the same show just with different characters!) and used its status as an old show with a loyal fan following to lead in to the essentially newbie and amazingly hilarious Better off Ted on Wednesday nights, not Tuesdays, where it could compete better I think both shows could stand a fighting chance of surviving, showing people how awesome both shows can be and improving ABC’s ratings while it’s at it.

    Are you planning on doing one of these for CBS shows? Honestly, that’s my favorite network right now so I’d be really interested in reading that one.

  • Katreniah

    Better Off Ted is such an amazing show; I wish ABC had played around with adding it to the Cougartown (etc) lineup. Every person I’ve gotten to see the show absolutely loves it.

    I’m glad Castle is doing okay – it’s fun, and it’s good to see Fillion every week.

  • Alisondesomer

    Bring back The Forgotten!Please!