This Just In: The CW Removes Much of the Suspense Out of Their May Up Front…

… Not to mention, the fun out of tomorrow’s post that had us irresponsibly speculating on which of your favorite CW shows will be coming back next season by officially awarding early season pick-ups to THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, GOSSIP GIRL, 90210, SUPERNATURAL and AMERICA’s NEXT TOP MODEL.

Meanwhile, SMALLVILLE, LIFE UNEXPECTED, ONE TREE HILL and MELROSE PLACE fans (or in the case of MELROSE PLACE, ‘fan,’ singular), should probably keep in mind that a lack of an early pick-up doesn’t necessarily mean your show is canceled. Rather, the CW simply needs more time to analyze the numbers or make those numbers work. But just to be on the safe side, we recommend kicking those fan campaigns into high gear in 3… 2… 1…

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  • Irish Joe

    Well I for one am hoping that Melrose get’s a shot at a second..
    From the episodes already aired, most of them very good, however the winter finale was crap, they rushed the conclusin to the murder and it just wasn’t interesting…

    Hopefully the cast shake up, and more sex and seduction and back stabbing etc will reignite the show when it returns next month, and do well enough to get it into sophmore season…

  • Oh I hope Smallville’s renewed! This season has really been wonderful… and if they keep going along these lines it will keep improving! 🙂

    Life Unexpected has been an unexpected delight, but at the moment I’m a bit worried it might be sticking too much to a tedious formula. I hope that’s just “pilot-repeats” for new people joining in and that it shakes things up a bit soon, otherwise I won’t be too sad to see it go. (but I’d be much happier to see it shake itself up a bit and bring more quirkiness next year!) 😉

  • J

    I don’t watch Smallville, but I don’t see how they could cancel it. The only reason the numbers are down is because they dumped it on Friday, and even then it’s still pulling solid ratings.

    I’m kind of surprised Supernatural is coming back. So much for the whole 5 season plan.

  • Ace

    I went to a big undergrad school and saw many beer pong matches but never did they use the paddles like on last night’s Life Unexpected…

  • CandyMaize

    I’m excited that Supernatural is returning. Especially knowing that Kripke is returning too. I trust that Kripke wouldn’t have agreed to return if he didn’t already have something good in mind for a 6th season.

  • Nick

    CW has two problems it keeps repeating, at least in the case of 90210 & Melrose Place: horrible casting and boring stories. There couldn’t have been any more hype or free press…they just dropped the ball, TWICE. And frankly, they screwed up MP worse than 90210–but let’s be honest, until Matt Lanter came aboard, there was no hot guy to speak of (the main reason chicks watch). On MP, they got RID of the hot guy (Colin E.)…and crazy Ashlee (who was the most watchable trainwreck).

    I just don’t know how you mess up two franchises so badly.

  • TVFan

    Although I highly doubt MP will see a second season since I (along with Irish Joe) seem to be the show’s only fan, and I predict both Smallville and OTH will see another season after some number crunching, it will be interesting to see if Life Unexpected gets picked up, as I’m loving it.

  • cyankees

    I,M just glad that supernatural is returning !! I love that show 🙂 for the others, well im not a fan of the series that might get stop so i ll be ok ^^

  • Kristen

    I just wanna say I’m an MP fan, so that brings the tally to 3! MP fans unite! Lol.

  • Michelle

    I am hopelessly addicted to those Winchester boys, can’t wait fo more!