Find Out If Your Favorite CW Show is Coming Back Next Season

While we at have traditionally shied away from speculative pieces on whether or not your favorite “on the bubble” shows will be coming back next season, the likes of The Hollywood Reporter, The Wrap and Entertainment Weekly do not. Which is why — coupled with the lack of television news thank-you-very-much Olympic Games — we’ve decided to take the if you can’t beat ’em join ’em approach this year and present our take on which shows might soon be joining the likes of EVERWOOD and ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT in that great television graveyard in the sky. Today’s focus: The CW.

Working in its favor: Much like its predecessor (90210), the built-in name recognition that comes with an iconic franchise is worth big bucks worldwide.
Working against it: Dismal ratings.
Renewal Odds: About as good a chance as Ashlee Simpson has at finding another acting gig.

Working in its favor: A very loyal, albeit small group of super-passionate fans.
Working against it: What show on the CW doesn’t have a very loyal group of super-passionate fans?
Renewal Odds: 50/50.

Working in its favor: Aside from managing to survive a fate far worse than Kryptonite (ie. a time slot shift to Friday night), one can’t possibly ignore the amount of money SMALLVILLE has contributed (and continues to contribute) to the bottom line of CW co-owner and parent company WBTV.
Working against it: The fact that the SMALLVILLE story falls slightly outside the CW’s core-competency of really hot teenagers making generally poor decisions.
Renewal Odds: Super.

Working in its favor: Critically adored shows are new to the CW.
Working against it: Ratings that have slowly sunk beneath the two million mark since it’s highly rated premiere. Oh and a lack of Vampires doesn’t help.
Renewal Odds: As much as we’re rooting for CW to give this little-show-that-could another 13 episodes at the very least, cancellation would not be unexpected.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow when we put the FOX under the microscope. Same Bat Time, Same Bad Channel.

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  • John

    :Be sure to tune in tomorrow when we put the CW under the microscope. Same Bat Time, Same Bad Channel.”

    I thought this was the CW you were doing.

  • Ace

    John — That has been at the end of each of TVA’s prediction lists, just giving you a headsup which network he is doing tomorrow.

    I hope that Life Unexpected gets picked up b/c I think with some work it could be a really good show, but honestly if it doesn’t I won’t be that upset. I liked Priviledged better!

  • Another thing OTH has against it is being more expensive due to being an older show. The longer a show is on the air, the more it costs to buy it.

  • Nick

    Let’s put it this way, at some point The CW is gonna have to introduce a few new shows, since so many are aging at the same time. It’s very hard to get universal critical-acclaim. Melrose Place was universally panned, for instance. 90210 was an abomination in Season 1. Gilmore Girls was not highly-rated immediately.

    In other words, shows that have potential and the backing of the media and family groups, like LUX, cannot be summarily jettisoned–when it’s pulling the same ratings as OTH (in a killer timeslot), the highest-rated of the CW teen dramas.

  • Nick

    nkinsey, I read an article that proved it’s actually less expensive to keep an older, established show on the air, rather than go thru all the start-up costs involved with trying to launch a new show with no guarantees. Case in point: Killing Everwood in favor of Runaway, which lasted 3 weeks. Or killing Privileged in favor of The Beautiful Life, which lasted 3 weeks.

  • Say no to season 10

    SV needs to end this season, it only continues to get worse and worse.

  • Nick – I’m referring to renewing shows. Right now, there a crazy notion that either OTH gets the renewal, or LUX does. So in that sense, LUX would have more of a chance, since OTH is more expensive than it.

    But you are right, START-UP costs are more expensive for networks/studios for new shows over established ones. However, costs are QUITE higher for a veteran show than a 1/2-yr old show.

  • jess

    THis season of Smallville has proven that it definitely deserves a season 10, It’s a milestone the CW can’t pass up!!!!

  • Megan

    I think that Life UneXpected deserves to be renewed, perhaps the ratings will climb after the Olympics.

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