Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Biggest Questions From Last Night’s OMG-Worthy LOST!


Good News: Following last week’s disappointing Kate-centric episode, LOST got back on track by delivering what was easily the most interesting instalment of the season to date. Bad News: Questions, questions and more questions! Which is we’re dedicating Today’s TV Addict Top 5 to our most pressing.

Why was Kate left off Jacob’s List?
Since Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse set an end date for the series, we’d like to believe that everything on LOST is done by design. Which is why, as fake Locke (heretofore to be known as “Flocke”) waxed poetically about Jacob’s list of candidates (more on that later), taking the time to highlight (John) Locke, (Hugo) Reyes, (James “Sawyer”) Ford, (Sayid) Jarrah, (Jack or Christian) Shepherd and (Jin or Sun) Kwon, we found it somewhat peculiar that one fairly integral name was left off said list: That of (Kate) Austen. Coincidence, we think not.

The Curious Case of Flash-Sideways Locke.
Putting aside for a moment the massive fail that was John Locke’s so-called business trip to Australia (Seriously people — for future reference — faking a business trip 101 kind of involves checking in at the conference and snapping a few obligatory photos to share with the boss upon your return!), the most curious aspect about last night’s sideways Locke storyline was his relationship with his father. The above photo featuring a smiling father and son from Locke’s cubicle combined with fiance Helen’s mention that, “we just get my parents and your dad and do it [the wedding] shotgun style in Vegas,” would indicate that in sideways land, Locke’s father did not cause his paralysis by tossing him out of an eight story window. Well that, or John Lock is the most forgiving man on the planet. A plot development which naturally begs the question: Why is Locke in a wheelchair?

That Lost Boy.
Since it wouldn’t be an episode of LOST without some sort of mysterious figuring running through the jungle, we have to ask: Who was the creepy blond kid: Jacob reincarnate? Aaron all grown up? Discuss.

Candidate for what exactly?
According to Flocke, John was a candidate, and now James has been nominated. Just what does being a ‘candidate’ entail? Why (and from whom) does the island need protecting? And who (or what) put Jacob in charge of the nominating committee?

Whose side are you on?
Despite Richard Alpert being crazy-scared of Flocke, we’re not gonna lie. There is something to be said — particularly after five plus seasons of questions after questions after… well you get the idea — in choosing to follow someone, heck, anyone with an answer, or ten! Thus, while there is a very good possibility that Flocke (who it seems will do anything to escape the rock) may in fact be the devil reincarnate, we’re kinda leaning towards joining Sawyer in choosing his side over Jacob. How about you?

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  • I agree with what Swollen-Lips Richard said in last night’s episode: “Mmmmpprrrrhh!!”

  • Nick

    Mind: boggled.

    Notice how close in the key 18-49 demo Lost was to the Olympic monster? The most intelligent (i.e. employed/spenders) are watching Lost. Losing this show will be devastating to ABC, whether or not they realize it right now.

  • merds

    Loved last nights episode, specially Ben’s little speech on Real Locke’s funeral 🙂

  • Eric

    Loved the episode. But not only Kate’s name is missing. What about Frank Lapidus? Didn’t Ilana say that he was a candidate as well?

  • Mohammad

    The Kwon candidate has to be Jin because

    1) All the others are male

    2) Last week one of the temple others with Kate and Jin said “we can’t kill him, he might be on the list”

  • Linda B.

    I was watching the recap episode last night and thought up a new drinking game. Everytime is says “as seen in the episode…”, take a drink. I swear you’ll be drunk 10 minutes in. 😉

  • Eric

    It doesn’t have to be Jin. Jacob touched them both and that’s a requirement for being a candidate. That’s also why the Shephard one has to be Jack. Christian was never shown as being touched by Jacob.

  • Ace

    Did anyone else rewind and pause on the ceiling the first time it was revealed to look for everyone’s names? We did and both of us noticed immediately that Kate wasn’t up there. That is strange. Perhaps you have to be male to defend the island…

    Locke’s episode was extremely well done. From the hints that his father is a good guy in this “universe” to Flocke shouting “You can’t tell me what I can and can’t do”. Even Sawyer immediately picking up on the fact that he wasn’t Locke was perfect. And I completely agree that at this point I would follow the person who promised answers.

  • Ace,
    Interesting point about having to be a male to defend the island.

    Linda B,
    Just when you think LOST can’t get anymore confusing, try watching it drunk.. Who knows, that just might work!

    A drawback of being addicted to TV is that I watch too much and often forget what happens week-to-week. Also a symptom of getting old!

  • ggny

    Claire was left off the list also unless i missed something

  • Hil

    Her last name was on there, but that could be for Aaron.

  • LoungePuppy

    How about Ben’s lament over how he was sorry he killed Locke? Gosh darn it, I felt sorry for that evil bstrd.

    And then Lapidus said “Weirdest. Funeral. Ever.” (Or words to that effect. That’s what he would have said if I were writing LOST)

  • Jacob

    “Hello, Kate, I’m going to touch you now!’

    “Oh, the hell you are!”

    And that’s how Kate ended up off the wall.