Find Out If Your Favorite FOX Show is Coming Back Next Season

While we at have traditionally shied away from speculative pieces on whether or not your favorite “on the bubble” shows will be coming back next season, the likes of The Hollywood Reporter, The Wrap and Entertainment Weekly do not. Which is why — coupled with the lack of television news thank-you-very-much Olympic Games — we’ve decided to take the if you can’t beat ’em join ’em approach this year and present our take on which shows might soon be joining the likes of EVERWOOD and ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT in that great television graveyard in the sky. Today’s target: FOX.

Working in its favor: We’re certainly not going to be the ones to bet against Jack Bauer surviving to fight another really bad day.
Working against it: Studies have shown that Bauer kicking serious bad guy butt would look at the very least 24% cooler on the big screen.
Renewal Odds: We have a sneaking suspicion that the next time you see Jack it will cost you. Specifically $25 for a movie and some overpriced popcorn.

Working in its favor: By all accounts, Mark Valley is to FOX what Alex O’Loughlin is to CBS. In other words, the network isn’t gonna stop until they make this guy a star.
Working against it: Attracting less than 10 million viewers per week does not a star make.
Renewal Odds: 50/50.

Working in its favor: After a very shaky start to its sophomore season, FRINGE seems to have finally found its footing on one of the most competitive nights on television…
Working against it: … only to be quickly yanked off the schedule until April, which is what happens when you share a network with the unstoppable juggernaut that is AMERICAN IDOL.
Renewal Odds: Good.

Working in its favor: Lead Kelly Giddish has elevated the art of bland, blah, blonde performances to a new high.
Working against it: And by high, we mean ratings low.
Renewal Odds: Let’s just say that if ALL MY CHILDREN wants to bring Giddish’s Pine Valley alter ego back as a ghost or doppelganger, she’ll probably be available in the not-too-distant future.

Working in its favor: The fact that this so-called Brad Garrett ‘laugher’ has inexplicably managed to do what the likes of many others, including ARRESTED couldn’t: Survive to see a fourth season.
Working against it: Four seasons is all Producer Sony Pictures Television needs to sell this puppy into syndication.
Renewal Odds: RIP.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow when we put the CBS under the microscope. Same Bat Time, Same Bad Channel.

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  • Oh yea, Til Death is gone.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see 24 back. I don’t think either of their midseason shows have done as well as they had hoped – on to of Lie to Me (which you forgot) & Fringe don’t do as well as 24 either

  • kevin

    past life has been really disappointing. i’ve seen the first two episodes, and will probably watch tonight’s at some point, but it is pretty boring. it’s just another procedural, and the two leads are pretty boring. it’s such a cool concept too. oh well.

  • kevin

    what about lie to me? that show just kinda disappeared, and i actually liked it. although, i thought season 1 was better.

  • sanen85

    Mmmh, the only two shows I have bothered watching on Fox in the last three years were T:TSCC and Dollhouse.

  • Ace

    The only one I really care about is Fringe but I hope Human Target comes back too. It was light entertainment from the first episode but the last two episodes has been really good.

  • Eric

    Umm, I’m pretty sure there’s more shows on Fox than this. How about Lie to Me? It’s gonna return in Late Spring. What about all the other shows that fill the days?

  • Nick

    “Favorite Fox Show?” Now there’s an oxymoron if ever there was one.

  • Eric, Kevin,

    Sorry for neglecting to list LIE TO ME While I didn’t forget about it, I sort of feel that its fate is entirely dependent on how FOX’s pilots turn out.

  • bws

    Fringe is kind of strange bird when it comes to ratings. It does remarkably well considering it’s reliance on mythology and it’s ludicrously competitive Thursday time slot. Part of my wants it cull down the season to 14-16 episodes and focus more on the mythology but I know that it needs those stand alones to attract a wider audience. I’ll take it, of course, but Fringe will never reach the pantheon of great shows with this mentality.

  • Lynn

    How could Human Target be 50/50 it’s one of the best shows on TV….please give us a second season Fox.

  • TVFan

    How dare you leave ‘Brothers’ of the list 🙂