An In Depth Look At… GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Deadly Family Feud!

Think your family’s got issues? Well, unless you’re an undercover cop who was gunned down by a mobster who two seconds later was revealed to be your secret daddy, you ain’t got nothin’ on GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Dante and Sonny! Our friends at Soaps In Depth tell us that things go from bad to worse when Dante (the son/shootee) realizes that his testimony is the only think standing between Sonny (the dad/shooter) and a stint behind bars.

“Did I mention that Sonny’s claustrophobic and would rather sit through a marathon of THE HILLS than be locked up in a tiny cell?” asks executive editor Richard M. Simms. “Not surprisingly, his best buddy, Jason, has come up with a plan to get Sonny out of the country if things don’t go well. And let that be a life lesson to you all: If you’re in the mood for a pal, always choose the leather-clad, emotionally-impaired hitman. He’ll totally help you out of any jam.”

Ironically, Sonny isn’t actually on trial for shooting his son, but rather for killing his late wife, Claudia. “Of all the crimes Sonny has committed over the years, and there have been a lot, it looks like he might wind up being brought down by one he didn’t commit!” Turns out, Sonny is claiming to have whacked Claudia in order to protect the real killer, son Michael. “The police in Port Charles are really, really bad at their job,” admits Simms. “How bad are they? Michael went to them and confessed he did it, but they didn’t believe him!”

Meanwhile, Claudia’s grieving brother, Johnny, is determined to get revenge against the man he believes to be her killer. “Which is really convenient,” continues the editor, “because Johnny’s girlfriend, Olivia, happens to be the mother of Sonny’s son, Dante. Which means that if Sonny’s out of the picture, Johnny gets both vengeance and the girl!”

As part of the magazine’s on-going Supercouple Smackdown, they recently asked whether fans wanted to see Olivia with Johnny or Sonny, and the results are revealed in the new issue. “It was a tight race,” says Simms, admitting that another race whose results are revealed in the issue wasn’t even close. “When we asked whether people wanted to see ALL MY CHILDREN’s Ryan with Greenlee or Erica, you could see the word ‘landslide’ written on the wall. And it’s kinda cool that the show realizes how big a mistake Erica and Ryan were and have already rectified that situation.” The ONE LIFE TO LIVE competition saw Marty and Natalie battling for John’s affection. “That one was closer than I expected,” says the editor coyly.

The new issue features the third and final preliminary round of the Smackdown. “Since GH’s Liz is pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is, we figured it was a great time to ask whether fans want her with Lucky or Nikolas. And with OLTL’s Stacy dead, we wanted to know if people were hoping to see Gigi reuite with Rex or continue to fall for Schuyler. And while we’re all loving the fantastic chemistry between AMC’s Tad and Liza, a lot of people remember how much fun he and Krystal were before they got bogged down by a lot of drama.” To vote for your favorites, pick up the new ABC issue and submit the ballot by Friday, March 5.

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  • sanen85

    Wow, what they need to be asking is “Would folks rather see Olivia with Johnny or Sonny? Or would folks prefer to see the hypocrite off their screens, Sonny pay for his crimes and then completely redeemed, and Johnny with someone who’s not a mother figure to him and actually gives a f*ck about him? As for AMC, they should be asking “Should Ryan be with Greenlee or Erica? Or, should Ryan ACTUALLY die and Erica stay away from any man that has been with her daughter or ex-stepdaughter?

    These questions really seem like they’re asking us to choose the lesser of the two evils, but I expected nothing less.

  • sanen85

    Oh, and I’m very glad that you touch on the soaps on this site. Thanks!

  • dinah

    The Q’s is does anyone like Olivia at all?

  • GhRocks

    I am more annoyed by the fact that SID claims on their cover that Sam & Jason are done & over with, yet in their last issue they published an interview with Bob Guza the writer of the show and he said Gh were very invested in Jasam & Sam and they will probley get married so which is it? I have gotten this mag delivered for many years now, i have always heard that it is a Liason loving Mag & i guess i was just proved right sadly. i understand that they have to sell magazines & want Liz fans to buy their mag but to make up lies and put them on the cover is just B.S i have cancelled my subscription already, and will read through the article at the store will i am waiting in line but i will not be buying it. I am sticking with SOD from now on

  • SIDeditor


    Did you actually read the cover story? It explains exactly what the cover is in reference to: Sam and Jason fear that they are going to be apart for a long time if he has to go on the run with Sonny. It has absolutely nothing to do with Liz or Liason, nor do we make it seem as if it does on the cover.

  • Olivia with Johnny — 4-ever! Barash is a great actor and Lisa LoCicero is a great addition to GH. Her acting skills are some of the best on the show. Sonny’s a tragic figure and some of Maurice’s best work (which is rare) shines through in this story line.,

    Would they just kill Ryan off already? Geesh, he’s such a boob! Bring back Jamie Martin especially with Adam Chandler leaving the scene. Interesting to see the dynamic between Erica and David this week. We would love to see those two get together and create a situation which causes Jack to go apoplectic. Zack and Kendall are sorely missed — especially Thorsten Kaye. They should take him on in Llanview.

    And why no mention of OLTL? The Todd-Tea storyline is great. The addition of Danielle and the relationship she has with her older sister is refreshing to watch. Need no Natalie, less Jessica and more Oliver/Kyle. We hope the writers are courageous and show a story about Oliver/Kyle vs. Gigi fighting to raise Sierra Rose. That could be very compelling and open up robust debate among viewers. OLTL continues to be the best show of the ABC 3 and never gets the recognition it deserves.

  • Dee

    Wow I can feel the love in sanen85’s post or should I say Satan??? LMAO.

    Not big on Ryan and Erica sorry just never got that warm and fuzzy feeling on it. I don’t particularly care for Greenlee but found it funny how she was mad at Ryan for not waiting for her to come back from the dead. And somehow Greenlee is NOT in therapy?

    OLTL- oh what can be said. Mitch Mitch Mitch Mitch I almost expect foam to come out of his mouth. I think Satan himself would runaway.

    GH- Just pack Liz away. Throw away the keys. But please let Lucky be the dad.

  • SIDeditor

    Silas Kain:

    Any relation to Erica Kane? LOL

    There actually is mention of OLTL: The couples from Llanview in this issue are Gigi/Rex vs Gigi/Schuyler. And like you, I’m hoping they have Fish/Oliver pursue custody. I think it’s an interesting story on SO many levels… including having Kish look at the situation and decide, “Are we really ready to raise a child? We’ve only been together for a relatively short time…” Could make this one of the best custody battles to hit daytime in a VERY long time!

  • Cool! Glad to see you like the Kish custody battle idea.. I’m getting bored with Rex/Gigi and hope she stays with Schuyler. I hope they have more Bo/Rex exchanges. They are so good together on so many levels — the pseudo father/son relationship is interesting especially since it causes David so much grief. Disappointed to see Rachel go. Last, but not least, Kim’s gotta go. Her character adds nothing and now that Stacy is “dead” there’s no need to make us feel ill watching her and Clint together.

  • Carly

    I really think all of the actors did well in the Dante reveal story. DZ is an incredible addition to the cast and his character sizzles with Lulu (who I actually am liking for the first time). I think that LLC’s best chemistry is with MB and find that keeping her with Johnny just takes away from that whole “family” story. Also Johnny knows that Michael killed Claudia and has never been jealous even telling her at the hospital that he is doing what he wants with or without her. I love Johnny and would love to see him be paired with Maxie and actually give them a real story. As far as the smackdown, I don’t think it was fair to put Sonny/Olivia as a couple on it. They have never been paired together so they are not a couple, let alone a supercouple. All in all, I am enjoying GH. Just need a few small tweaks lol.

  • Me

    First of all, the “Olivia with Johnny or Sonny” question only would have needed revision IF an idiot couldn’t have understood the question. Secondly no one is forced to answer a question they don’t think is worded properly. In other words, I’d surmise that the people who answered the Johnny/Liv/sonny question were INTELLIGENT people who perfectly fine with a question they weren’t forced to answer via a gun aimed at their heads.

    Also, there are PLENTY of Johnny & Olivia fans but one has to take the blinders off to find that out of course. JoLivia have made some really stupid decisions but fans do hope to see their couple overcome obstacles. And since when has Johnny ever seen Olivia as a mother figure? She’s not even old enough to be his mother – hell, she’s not even old to be Dante’s mother. I doubt Johnny would want to be making love with someone that he’s sees as a mother.

  • Me

    Just want to add one more thing – I wish Olivia would be written strong and smarter again. Why on god’s earth is she falling all over herself for Sonny so often? She says one thing to his face but then preaches his praises to everyone else- and sometimes to his face too when she gets weak as she sometimes becomes when around him. I can only break her strange behavior down to waaay over-the-top-sympathetic-toward-Sonny writing for Olivia.

    I don’t know in which world, real or fake, that Sonny could shoot to kill someone’s most beloved loved one and STILL have that person, Olivia of course, talk to him like nothing much happened. It’s as if she puts Sonny first most of time.She better not even attempt to complain about Johnny being in the mob since she seems so willing to put up with Sonny no matter what he does, at almost all costs.

  • Jackie

    I Love Sonny Corinthis/Maurice Benard and I love the storyline…. Gh is awesome

  • Jose

    Great to see Sonny on another cover I’m loving the storyline there is nothing better than a Mob family. Congrats to GH and Maurice Benard is the king of daytime

  • sanen85

    Dee – I’m not sure Satan is appropriate just because I think heavy-handed questions are ridiculous. You can look at almost an fan board and see that the options they give aren’t even close to what MOST fans want. I’m not even speaking about my opinions, as they don’t necessarily gel with the same opinions as everyone else. I’m going to go ahead and assume that you meant that in the nicest way possible.

  • sanen85

    Gosh, I wish there was an edit function here. The point of my my post (Me & Dee) was that from what I’ve seen all of the internet is that most fans don’t fall in either category. Yes, there are plenty that do, but the general feel is most don’t. I don’t think I’d have to be “an idiot” to suggest that a Johnny or Sonny (or Erica or Greenlee) question is extremely limited and need revision. Nor did I imply these people had a gun aimed at their head, again it’s a lesser of two evils deal. It’s also these kind of questions that probably lead writers to keep giving us s/l’s and couples that a lot of people don’t want. So, since I feel it impacts the storylines I get to see on my screen, I feel I’m entitled to state my opinion on website asking for comments without being referred to as an idiot.

    No need to get up in arms over someone’s opinion that all of the options given are undesirable, and nobody implied that the character of Johnny thinks of Olivia as his mother figure. I was implying that a lot of fans do.

  • RachGHFan

    I know I am in the minority, but I am the biggest Liz and Nik fan. I want Liz to be with Nik and I want the baby to be Nik’s. I love the chemistry between Rebecca and Tyler. I haven’t seen that much chemistry in a long time. I am sick to death of GH beating that dead horse of Lucky and Liz. Those two deserve a long break. They both deserve a chance to be out of each other’s orbits for a while.

  • Long-time Soap Viewer

    Sorry, but I feel that there’s a consorted effort by Guza & GH to instigate hate toward Sonny, and damage Mr. Benard’s popularity with fans! For years now, GH has let down Sonny’s fans! Mr. Benard has never let down GH or his fanbase! He worked to develop the many layers to his character which provided GH the chance to add other successful characters!

    There have been empty promises that the writing for his couplings and storylines would improve. Meanwhile, they push Jason, respect and promise his fans a seperate 2010 storyline, outside of the mob! Once again we held on only to be duped by GH and Guza’s 2010 promises clearly overlooked Mr. Benard’s fans.

    I feel the shooting was added to prop the postion of the other characters, in an effort to minimize their hypocrisy! I also find it completely inappropriate that GH would use it’s only minority lead male character in such a manner. Like it or not, Italian or not, M.B. took what was supposed to be a role lasting 6 only months to 17 yrs! The strength of his performances are what has led to the addition of other successful characters: Jason, his children and now Dante
    ( who looks exactly like him)!

    Now, it’s no surprise that GH and soap scribes are only willing to acknowledge his success via backhanded remarks and compliments. Such is the established pattern regarding minority artists and celebs! It is also a further indication of why Soapland still suffers from a lack of diversity.

    The writing for Sonny is a prime example of how Soapland continues to show less interest in the opinions of its minority viewers! Maybe it’s time we show less of an interest in both Soapland and it’s advertisers.

  • GhRocks

    On your commercial it clearly says is this the end of Jason and Sam, you clearly dangle them in front of Liasoners to get them to buy your mag which is understandable as i said before but i believe its wrong of you to do.

  • TrevorRocks

    Is SID ever going to do coverage on Todd and Tea? And how about a joint interview with Trevor and Flo.

    Also is One Life To Live ever getting coverage and a Front page cover? I would love a front page photo of Trevor and Flo.

    That’s all I ask.

  • SIDeditor

    Long-Time Soap:

    I’m not sure I fully understand your point. Sonny — and MB — have been front-and-center of this show for years. Many would say to the detriment of others. MB is VERY happy with this storyline and the new dimensions it brings to Sonny, who has to deal with a betrayal (one of the character’s big hot-button issues) from a loved one. At the same time, he has to deal not only with trying to protect Michael from murder charges by going the martyr route and claiming responsibility, but ALSO try and win the respect and love of his newly-discovered grown son, Dante. This story in no way, shape or form pushes Jason to the forefront. It DOES give all three actors (MB, SB and DZ) strong material, but not at the expense of any one over the other.

    You say the shooting was designed to “prop up” the other characters, but it has provided weeks and, potentially, years worth of strong material for MB. Am I somehow missing what you’re saying?

  • Camille

    I love the new storyline with Dante and Sonny. I have been an avid watcher for 17 years and I have fallen in love with Sonny since he first stepped onto my screen. I have laughed when he teases Spinelli. I have cried when Roy Diluca shot him and everyone thought he was dead. I have wanted to hit him when he said he is going to plead guilty to killing Claudia. I have applauded him when he was with Carly, not one, not two, not even three times, but four! I really have enjoyed his acting the past couple weeks! He has been on fire. I do wish, however, he didn’t have so many people hate him. It wasn’t always like this. Sonny is a good man, he just works for the mob. Going after Alcazar, Faith Roscoe, the sandoval family, the zacchara family, it was all with good intentions. Faith kidnapped his kids and “killed” Michael. Alcazar terrorized the town. The Zaccharas are lethal. except johnny 🙂 Sonny has never put innocent people in front of his gun and shot them. Except Dante. I am excited to see this story unfold. I just hope more people realize Sonny doesn’t need to go to jail. He won’t survive. He needs to be out so he can reconcile with his son, Dante.

  • Long-time Soap Viewer

    …”to Sonny, who has to deal with a betrayal (one of the character’s big hot-button issues) from a loved one…… At the same time, he has to deal not only with trying to protect Michael from murder charges by going the martyr route and claiming responsibility, but ALSO… try… and win the….. respect …and love… of his newly-discovered grown son, Dante. This story in no way, shape or form pushes Jason to the forefront……??????? It DOES give all three actors (MB, SB and DZ) strong material……, but not at the expense of any one over the other…….????????.

    Thank you for your post, and I am a SID reader who values your work and opinion. While I agree with your opinions on MB, other points also paint an accurate picture of : WHY I am concerned and HOW the efforts of minority artists are still last to be acknowledged. Yes, even after 17 yrs, it’s still an uphill battle for respect and genuine (as opposed to disingenuous) support and praise!

    YES! The double standards still apply re: the Sonny/Emily relationship (since when has it been uheard of for an older character to date a younger woman..unless..). St. Jasus vs. Sotan: The “moral arguementS” against Sonny vs. Jason (who continues to try to kill Dante) but is somehow written as a better example for Sonny’s own children..and now a better choice for a love interest!. But nevermind, cause my thoughts and observations can be viewed at most online soap forums! Where (curiously enough) s-o-m-e soap scribes: POST IN AGREEMENT with the double standard, and even comment that after 17 yrs, the success of the mob storyline is more about SB….BB, DZ, & LL than MB…Hmmm??!! Haven’t seen an overwhelming amount of praise but more of an lynch mob mentality re: his character’s (but not the writers’) decision to shoot a cop.

    Most importantly, if my concerns are not an issue, why then hasn’t Soapland opened its doors to diversity?

  • Ann Wilson

    I cannot answer the question regarding Soapland and diversity. But I will say that this is the greatest love story I have ever witnessed. Meaning Sonny and Olivia’s love over the years and now their son, Dante who loves his mother and whether agrees to it or not actually likes his father. What a lot of people do not see is that this is a deep family love, Carly is jealous because she only wants Sonny to love her boys and that is not right. I think Mr. Bernard is a great actor, Dominic and Olivia are great actors too. My hat is off to the actors and also the writers. Out of all of the Soaps I watch, General Hospital is the best.

  • HM

    Me – How old are you?