Good News, Bad News: Bill Maher, Kristin Kreuk & PAST LIFE

Good News: After far too long a hiatus, REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER returns tonight at 10PM on HBO. Bad News: For America’s political establishment, Sarah Palin and Tiger Woods. Seriously, we cannot wait.

Good News: Kristin Kreuk gets HITCHED to a new Josh Schwartz CBS sitcom. Bad News: For all of those Chuck and Hannah shippers out there. Yeah, that’s right, we’re talking to all three of you. [Source]

Good News: FOX has canceled the critically panned PAST LIFE. Bad News: But not before foreclosing on the DOLLHOUSE, benching FRINGE and banishing LIE TO ME to when exactly? No really, we’re asking. We have absolutely no idea when it’s coming back! [Source]

Good News: NBC’s Olympic Coverage has been seen by 152 million people, that’s half of all Americans who have watched at least some six minutes or more of the network’s Vancouver 2010 Olympic Coverage. Bad News: And all it cost the Peacock network is $250 million dollars, which is what the network is expected to lose on these 2010 games. Ouch! [Source]

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  • Glad to hear about Kristin Kreuk–I grew to hate her on Smallville (which is why I’m still 2.5 seasons behind) but have enjoyed her on Chuck. From the couple of episodes I’ve seen of Past Life, it doesn’t suprise me–we didn’t really need yet another Cold Case type show as they already added The Forgotten this year. As for Lie to Me–the same thought hit me a couple days ago, I was asking myself, “is it done for the season or was it pulled?”

  • Ace

    Kristen really should have left Smallville a year earlier than she did bc I came to hate her too but she is adorable on Chuck (as long as she is a temporary roadblock for Chuck/Sarah I’m cool with it).

  • I seem to remember the official web site says “will be back in late spring” for Lie to Me… so I’m guessing that means after Easter? It can’t come soon enough!!! That final episode (Loker singing and playing the guitar to a bunch of kids?!) was brilliant!!! 🙂

  • TL

    Hey, don’t discount us HACK (HAnnah + chuCK) shippers. We’re just as crazy and unstable as the SUCK (Sarah + chUCK) ones!

  • TL,
    Congrats, you’re officially the first HACK shipper I’ve ever met. Don’t shoot the messenger, but I have a feeling HACK will be short and sweet 🙂

  • TVFan

    Put me down as the second HACK shipper. Love Kristen on Chuck.