Morning Static: Simon Cowell, Maggie Q, Allison Janney & More!

• The CW finally tires of skinny white chicks! Maggie Q in talks to headline the network’s LA FEMME NIKITA reboot.
• The Jackal spotted IN PLAIN SIGHT, as WEST WING alum Allison Janney gets set to drop by the hit USA series.
• If you had 10.5 million dollars… you could own the iconic BEVERLY HILLS 90210 beach house.
• From the department of anything for a pay cheque, Courtney Thorne-Smith to follow up her critically derided turn on ACCORDING TO JIM with a multi-episode arc on ACCORDING TO JIM to TWO AND A HALF MEN.
• ‘Duh’ of the Week: Simon Cowell says Howard Stern not qualified to AMERICAN IDOL.

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  • Nick

    RE: Maggie Q

    I think I speak for everyone when I say, “Who?”

  • Krystal

    Is it wrong that I totally got the Allison Janney headline in this post? Besides the fact that when Rob Lowe does the “hip-hop gestures” it scarred my 15-year-old self?

  • TVFan

    Krystal, not wrong at all,

    LOVE (and miss) THE JACKAL oh so much.

  • Good for Simon. Not like he’ll have a say in whatever happens next season tho…

  • Josh Emerson

    Why do I get the feeling Simon sort of wants Idol to go down without him? How else can you explain him saying that Perez Hilton is any sort of a good fit for the show? I swear, I would absolutely never watch American Idol again if they were to add him. I cannot stand that douche.

  • Josh Emerson

    You get that feeling because it’s exactly what Simon wants to see happen. X FACTOR is his baby, it killed POP IDOL in Britain and will more than likely do the same to AMERICAN IDOL in America. I know I say this about shows a lot, but if God Forbid FOX gave Perez Hilton an even bigger microphone from which to spew his pointless drabble, me and IDOL are done.

    It’s actually quite sad how much I miss THE WEST WING.