Today’s TV addict Top 5: Biggest Non-Stories of the Week!


This just in: A very slow news day for Michael Ausiello! Who recently concluded in a BONES EXCLUSIVE that Booth and Brennan will finally put an end to the will-they-or-won’t-they speculation following an interview with executive producer Stephen Nathan who promised that the upcoming fifth season finale will be as big as last season’s finale, “but in a very different way.” Not ambiguous at all. Really.

Yesterday asked whether the addition of Donald Faison to the new CBS pilot THE ODDS spells doom for SCRUBS? Today, has an answer for them. Ummm… No! Particularly since Donald Faison’s CBS deal has him in ‘second position’ contingent on whether or not ABC picks up SCRUBS for a tenth season. That, and if anything spells doom for SCRUBS, it was last season’s disappointing ratings and somewhat less than creative direction. We’re just sayin’

According to our good friends over at Airlock Alpha, Syfy Network Executive of Original Programming Mark Stern promises that despite the disappointing ratings and hefty price tag for the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA prequel, CAPRICA, “is here to stay.” Adding, “We’re certainly not sharpening the axe by any stretch of the imagination… We all really believe in the show, and it has a lot of potential.” Phew. Because we at completely expected Stern, a mere four episodes into the show’s inaugural season to tell fans that there was no hope for a second season renewal and to not bother tuning into the remaining episodes.

Breaking News! Access Hollywood claims that Simon Cowell hopes AMERICAN IDOL can find a Taylor Swift-like winner this season. Stop the presses! Cowell hopes to find a winner akin to the world’s most popular recording artist rather than the next Taylor Hicks. Can’t wait to see what news Access Hollywood will break next?

At 11AM eastern standard time, television networks around the globe will interrupt their regularly scheduled programming to allow Bajillionaire Golfer Tiger Woods to apologize for his public transgressions. Echoing the sentiments of the Washington Post Sports Columnist Michael Wilbon “This is the greatest overreaction in the history of broadcast television.”

  • Ace

    Haha, someone is feeling snarky this morning. 🙂

    Donald actually showed last year that being attached to a new pilot doesn’t necessarily spell doom for the show, since he was attached to one last spring and yet we had Scrubs: Revisited.

  • Admittedly, I may have woken up on the wrong side of the bed!

  • Dave

    when that happens, i get back into bed, watch more TV, and try again later.

  • Josh Emerson

    Yeah, last season 3 of the main Scrubs cast were in pilots. I’m pretty sure it’s the reason Neil Flynn didn’t return to Scrubs, since he was cast in The Middle. But I actually would like to see the show return for another year. It took time, but I was just starting to get into this new cast. I really liked the relationship between Denise and Drew.

  • Irish Joe

    AI already have their Taylor Swift like winner in Carrie Underwood… who is by far the best Idol winner, and the biggest selling Idol winner/contestant… so why didnt he just say that he wants to find another Carrie Underwood….

  • bws

    And boom goes the dynamite. Way to take all these “journalists” to task TVA!

  • not around the world… I haven’t heard a thing about it over here in Spain! but then… I haven’t turned the TV on yet today! 😉

  • I honestly think that Michael Hinman guy is right on target with his Caprica story. He was so humble, he would never tell you himself. So I will tell you for him.

    Did I mention he has multiple personalities?