Watch, PVR, Pass: Sunday February 21, 2010


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  • Irish Joe

    Last week’s Big Love was just shocking, I didnt see that coming with Dale… And Chloe knocked it out of the park as Nikki when she went to the sealing… I can’t believe how amazing this show is!! Cant wait to see what they have in store for us tonight!!

  • Irish Joe,

    Even though I’m never the “I totally saw that coming guy” I have to say in terms of Dale, “I totally saw that coming!” That said, LOVED last week’s episode and so excited for tonight’s (after of course I watch Canada annihilate the US in Olympic hockey)

  • Irish Joe

    Really, I was totally expecting Alby’s wife to be at the apartment when he got there..

    I hate iot that after tonight there will only be two more episodes until Season 5 in 2011. I’m all for shows going with 12-14 episodes per season as opposed to the usual 22-24 episodes, but Big Love only getting 9 episodes this season is a bit ridiculous… I hope that the next Season is back to the usual 12 episode order?

  • Josh C.

    So how about that hockey game!?! I know your Canadian but go Team USA!

  • Ace

    Irish — HBO ordered 10 for the season 5.