AMERICAN IDOL: The Top 24 By the Numbers

Your Top 24 Ranked by Social Media Popularity

While actual talent, singing ability and stage presence may play a small part in who will be named your next American Idol, the not-so-ugly-fact of the matter is that the success and/or failure of a contestant on America’s most-watched singing competition very often boils down to nothing more than popularity. Like High School, it’s not what, but rather who and how many people (on facebook!) you know. Which is why why we thought it might be a fun exercise to post — from now until your next IDOL is crowned — a weekly mashup of the remaining contestants popularity on their official show-sanctioned twitter, facebook and myspace accounts in a new feature we like to call AMERICAN IDOL: By The Numbers.

Note: Numbers were calculated on 02/22/10 at 9:36AM (est)
contestant facebook myspace twitter total
1. Andrew Garcia 4728 194 7694 12616
2. John Park 5739 76 1863 7678
3. Tyler Grady 3586 115 1759 5460
4. Tim Urban 2704 125 1472 4301
5. Aaron Kelly 2524 416 1269 4209
6. Lacy Brown 2877 70 1250 4197
7. Katie Stevens 2319 126 1664 4109
8. Crystal Bowersoz 1858 266 1577 3701
9. Didi Benami 1642 110 1907 3659
10. Casey James 1612 153 1855 3620
11. Alex Lambert 1859 121 1135 3115
12. Ashley Rodriguez 1484 92 405 2981
13. Lee Dewyze 1730 120 989 2839
14. Janell Wheeler 1266 121 1338 2725
15. Siobhan Magnus 1852 76 776 2704
16. Todrick Hall 1123 118 1162 2403
17. Katelyn Epperly 1308 84 911 2303
18. Jermaine Sellers 1183 103 829 2115
19. Michael Lynche 699 57 1135 1891
20. Lilly Scott 665 22 1103 1790
21. Haeley Vaughn 667 81 854 1602
22. Paige Miles 918 46 538 1502
23. Joe Muñoz 696 54 648 1398
24. Michelle Delamor 491 67 582 1140

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  • Ace

    Most important question from all of this: Who are all of these people still using Myspace?

  • Ace,
    Completely with you on that one, but seeing as though FOX owns myspace it had to be included. That said, just looking at the numbers, the total lack of myspace popularity is quite the embarrassment.

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  • Dave

    Number one by the numbers has been my number one pick sence his first auditions. He has some great youtube stuff. He does some songs with another girl and it amazes me that she didn’t try out for the show as well.

  • Nick

    I’ll take #4 for the win, Alex. Best-looking, anyway.

    As for MySpace, surely I’m not the only one who finds it so difficult to negotiate. All of the backgrounds are so distracting, you can rarely even read the text. The whole “friends” section is a total mess, the pages appear to never be visited or updated. It’s a total waste of time…and “Space.”

  • Ace

    TVA — Ooo good point. I didn’t know Fox owned it. Boy did they back the wrong ship.

    Nick — Exactly, that’s why no one I know uses it anymore.

  • Dave

    A more interesting question may be who will Vote the worst one through vote for 😛

  • Brilliant idea, Mr. Addict.

  • bws

    So I assume we can just stop American Idol right now and crown a champ? Great. It is after all a popularity contest, not a singing contest.

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  • Eric

    Haeley Vaughn’s numbers as posted add up to 791.

  • jeffrey bryan

    Vote for the Worst = Aaron Kelly.

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  • What is this? Tyler is among the most popular but he was eliminated as well as Janelle and Ashley. At least, these two ladies are not at the bottom at all. I don’t understand how this popularity ratings reconcile with the results that just happen the past week. I really don’t think this is true.

    If you base the eliminations based on the performances, it makes sense. On that note, Casey James is definitely the most popular and Andrew Garcia could be just the second. However, Tyler, Ashley and Janell’s position here in this popularity scale just baffles me. If they really have that solid popularity rating, why did these people get eliminated? The way I understand popularity is how much people support you and by just looking at the numbers it’s a lot with Tyler, Janell and Ashley.

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