Cloning 101: Everything You Need To Know To Start Watching Telemundo’s EL CLON!

Every wanted to give a telenovela a try? Well, now’s your chance as we catch you up on what happened during the first week of Telemundo’s EL CLON, allowing you to easily jump in tonight! Check local listings for time and channel.

Twin brothers Lucas and Diego couldn’t be more different. While Diego is more aggressive (as proven when he boinked a woman he’d never met), Lucas is shyer and more likely to fall in love… which he does the moment he meets Jade. Unfortunately, neither of their connections is working out particularly well. Turns out the woman Diego schtuped in an alley was actually Christina, his father’s much-younger girlfriend who, in order to cover her culpability in the tryst, claims that he is lying. Jade, meanwhile, genuinely cares for Lucas, but is not free to be with him because she is engaged to another man. An American-raised Muslim, Jade was sent to Morocco when her mother died. Now, her life is being controlled by her uncle, whose beliefs are much more strict than those she was brought up with. Wanting to tame his willful niece, Ali is forcing her to wed Said… despite the fact that her cousin, Latiffa, is in love with him. Jade wants to go back to the United States with true-love Lucas, but she has been kidnapped by her uncle’s men. Meanwhile, Leonardo — father of Lucas and Diego — has dumped Christina and cut off his son. Then there is Albeiri, a genetic scientist interested in cloning… which may soon come in handy…

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