Just When You Thought Working On CHUCK Couldn’t Get Any More Awesome…

best_photo_everSource: @zacharylevi

@NathanFillion drops by, taking the time to pose for a nerdgastic photo with @adamsbaldwin, @zacharylevi and twitter free technophobe Yvonne Strahovski. To paraphrase Liz Lemon, “I want to go to there.”

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  • Ace

    OH man…talk about someone who needs to guest star RIGHT NOW. Chuck could have a brother we don’t know about… Also, Adam, Zach and Nathan in the same place = swoon.

  • leo

    I want to go *to* there.

  • leo,
    Thanks for the edit.

  • MC

    When I first saw this pic via Fillion’s Twitter, my mind was officially blown. The only person missing from this pic is Christian Kane from Leverage and Angel. Or Boreanaz. If Chuck doesn’t get renewed maybe Levi can work with Whedon now that he has two ins.