Mr. Schuester Goes to Washington


Even thought we’re somewhat hesitant to allow Sue Sylvester anywhere near the Oval Office, we can’t help but admire the First Family’s taste in television shows. Unlike the Bush Presidency, which had the Jonas Bros perform at their final White House Easter Egg Roll, Michael Ausiello is reporting that the Obamas are such big GLEEKS, that Michelle Obama has invited the cast of GLEE to perform at the annual Easter celebration. Which the way see it, is most definitely change we can believe in.

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  • Cute, but Shepard Fairey you ain’t.

  • Nick

    Would I be missing the mark if I said this is the first good decision the White House has made in 13 months?

  • Seriously, that pic is INCREDIBLE. Man, I love your site!

  • kevin

    yeah, but obama did get the jonas brothers to perform for his daughter’s birthday or something like that, so the white house hasn’t been jo bro free for a couple years….