This Just In: The Inexplicable LOST + HEROES Connection

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  • I’ll say exactly what I’ve said before:

    I actually was about to get irritated when I read this post. Recently, there was a list of “50 racist movies you don’t think were racist” that really got my frustrated. Those people came off as out of touch and racist themselves!

    But I decided to watch this anyways. No need to get mad about something if I don’t know the content, right?

    So I watched it, and I actually enjoyed it. It’s very tongue-in-cheek, and he has a great final thought. Thanks for sharing.

  • nkinsey,

    You wouldn’t believe the amount of emails I get on a daily basis asking me to post their youtube video that the creator swears will totally-be-the-next-big-thing! That said, this one genuinely made me laugh, thus posted.

  • BJ

    I’ve actually heard this many times before on both shows. Even though many of the points are valid, the fact that both shows have been two of the must multicultural shows on television surely deserves some praise.

    Like the guy said, it could be worse. You could be Smallville. Or OTH. Or every show on the CW.

  • It just occurred to me that LOST and HEROES have *another* thing in common. Odds are they’re both ending this season 🙂

  • Superville8

    Ok TV shows do not hate black people. All the people dying were just circumstantial in the show. Characters should be played be the best actor for the part. It just so happened that bad things happened to the specific characters. Another Smallville is my favorite show. True the only black actor on the cast was written off but that was just the progression of the show. If you look at the cast today you really couldn’t rewrite iconic characters like Lois,Zod and Green Arrow so your show isn’t frowned upon because you have no diversity. Now I guess the could of made Tess a different race but that goes back to the point for the best actor or actress for the part. It actually seems more offensive to specifically cast a person based on their race instead of their acting skills. I’m pretty sure people all around the world watch these shows and don’t get offended just because there is not a big diversity in actors. They watch it for the stories and the characters not their races.

  • Daniel – I don’t doubt that at all. This one is funny, as long as you take it in the tongue-in-cheek way

  • TVFan

    HILARIOUS! And good point TV Addict, I’m in complete agreement, Heroes is a goner!

  • AJ

    I actually think they are both VERY groundbreaking!!! never before have there actually been people speaking in a foreign language with subtitles on the HOTTEST shows on prime time!!! it’s also the first time that asians have been featured in major prime time shows. sure there have been occassional minor stereotypical characters that make occassional appearances on shows, but they are never major characters. in the same season, both lost and heroes had major characters that are not only asian by race, but they speak asian languages and are subtitled!!!

    way to be ground breaking!!!

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