Another LOST Spin-off We’d Like to See


As the LOST series finale inches closer and closer, one thing is becoming abundantly clear. We — unlike star Matthew Fox who has already taken the opportunity to swear off television — are not ready to get let go.

Which is probably why we keep coming up with these zany spin-off ideas (See: ACCORDING TO JIN). The latest of which was inspired by friend of @rural_juror, who casually mentioned following last night’s emotional (dare we say very EVERWOOD-esque) flash-sideways that had Jack reconnecting with his piano prodigy teenaged son — just how much he’d be up for a “Gilmore Guys” style spin-off. Who’s with us?

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  • Nick

    Dude, I’m all over that spinoff. I only hope the kid goes to same school where Ben’s making the coffee and Locke’s coaching volleyball.

    I’m dying to know who Jack’s ex-wife is in this universe. You know it’s gonna be someone completely unexpected.

  • I really expected the mother to be juliet. But thats just me.
    Oh and correct the According to Jin link. It points to this page, and has an extra “<a href=" at the end of the url, which gives a page not found thing.