Currently raging within the confines of the comment section of a recent post on is a debate over LIFE UNEXPECTED’s Bug. Turns out, much to our surprise and chagrin, many of you aren’t too fond of Lux’s ex-boyfriend. Begging the question: Did you not see Monday’s episode? While Bug may have started out as a one-dimensional teenaged hoodlum with a very unfortunate moniker, he pretty much single-handidly won us over following an episode that saw him break up with Lux in an effort to give her a fresh start. So much so that we’re counting down to his (Spoiler Alert!) inevitable return in the hopes that he’s given the opportunity to make something of himself and possibly win Lux back. Plus, we just recently discovered that his portrayer Rafi Gavron is (a) British, (b) Real-life best friends with Chuck Bass, we mean Ed Westwick and most importantly of all, (c) played a supporting role in one of our favorite movies of 2008, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

To those frustrated viewers (Yes, we’re talking to you CouchTater) who claim LOST doesn’t give any answers, we give you Carlton Cuse’s response (via twitter) to the biggest mystery from last night’s episode with regards to Claire’s not-so-quite-there-baby, “It’s called Squirrel Baby.” Happy now?

It’s official: ABC has all but forgotten about THE FORGOTTEN. How do we know this you ask? Simple. Seeing as though the Alphabet Network is notorious for running shows such as GREY’S ANATOMY, DANCING WITH THE STARS and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES past 10PM in an effort to bump their lead-outs ratings, we — as all good TV Addict should — have gotten into the habit of recording the show after the show we actually want to watch to to ensure we don’t miss the ending. Where the news star Christian Slater could probably do without comes in is that over the past couple of weeks, THE FORGOTTEN has started at precisely 10PM. Which means, either ABC has actually started to listen to viewer complaints, or the more likely conclusion, that the network cares so little about the fate of the little-watched Jerry Bruckheimer procedural that they’re not even bothering to give it the LOST overrun bump. In a word, “Ouch.”

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand /©2009 The CW Network

  • Nick

    Couch Tatie has, sadly, missed the joy of the greatest show in TV history. It’s not even worth debating her/him.

    I stuck around for The Forgotten (first time) and actually liked it, til I fell asleep.

    And finally, Rafi rocks. Anyone who disagrees has a bug up their butt.

  • Hil

    People don’t like Bug? I like Bug. He’s just a little rough around the edges and currently in “bad boyfriend” territory with the only saving grace being that he knew when to go away and get himself sorted out. Compared to the adults in the show and all of their finagling Bug is being genuine and putting other people before himself. He is still a “bad boyfriend” but there is hope for him yet. And he is a cutie.

  • John

    Bug is an interesting character, but a lousy person. He has major anger management issues. He is violent. And he is psychologically abusive.

    He is not irredeemable, but four weeks isn’t enough time to even begin for him to sort out his problems.

    I am not saying I don’t want him back, I just don’t want him with Lux.

    And I am not wild about Jones either as Lux’s boyfriend.

  • D

    Rafi Gavron was the hot gay rocker in Nick and Norah, played a small part (the younger brother of the Muslim guy that was going to be framed for the bio-attack) in last year’s 24, and i’m surprised he’s British!

  • TVFan

    Forget Ryan and Cate, the real debate is between Bug and Abercrombie. How adorable was Jones bringing Lux that locket?

    And good point on The Forgotten. Poor Christian Slater, he deserves better.

  • Margaret

    Ravi also had a guest spot on last season’s ’24’. Loved him in ‘Nick and Norah’s….’. Kristoffer Polaha is extremely charismatic though – loved him too in ‘Miss Guided’.

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