Defying GLEE’s Hiatus: We Catch Up with Star Cory Monteith


Simply put, our life sucks without GLEE. Which is why, in an effort to help fans keep holding on until the show’s much anticipated April 13 return — we at, in lieu of uploading a killer shower rendition of ‘Can’t Help Fight This Feeling,’ which let’s face it nobody needs to see — will be spending the next few Wednesdays sharing interviews with some of your favorite stars from the show. Today’s focus, one of the nicest actors on the planet, Cory Monteith. Who was kind enough to take some time at the recent Television Critics Association Press Tour to discuss what’s in store for Finn when GLEE finally returns in 48 days, 4 hours, and 42 minutes. But who’s counting?

Before we get to that little singing show you star on, I first have to ask about your penchant for tweeting out your snowboarding adventures (see: here, here and here). In his heyday, BEVERLY HILLS 90210 star Jason Priestley once famously railed against FOX for stipulating in his contract that he couldn’t ski over fear of injury. Has anyone at the network or studio commented on your somewhat risky extra-curricular activity?
Cory Monteith: Quiet Quiet! [Laughs] Nobody has talked to me, but it’s funny you mention that, because it hadn’t even crossed my mind that I was publicizing my snowboarding. It’s possible I’m in direct violation of my contract, but I’m really hoping to avoid the requisite insurance claims by not falling down.

When we last talked, I asked if you were at all concerned about returning to set now that the show’s blown up and the cast are household names. Now that you’ve had a few days to be back on set, have things changed?
Things have changed… things have changed… (Interjects a fellow Canadian reporter, “He [referring to the TV Addict] just said it’s a good thing you weren’t an American because you’d be a complete a**hole!”) WOW, you said it… I can’t say it. But I think it’s strange the changes that happen when it comes to the whole fame thing. But it’s cool. I have lot of fun with it and don’t take myself too seriously. At least I hope I don’t.

For me it’s about the work, it’s not about anything else. Whether it’s promoting the show, making the show, talking about making the show, talking about promoting the show, or any of the above, that’s really what I’m in it for. I’m not in it to be famous. I’m in it to make a television show because that’s fun and will hopefully allow me to do other types of acting. Sure the by-products of fame [like receiving an invite to Vancouver for the Olympics, or spontaneous travel to Mexico, and The White House] are fun, but it’s not why I do it. Having people recognize me does not make my life complete. And that’s hopefully — knock on wood — why I’ll avoid getting labelled a douche-bag.

Moving onto the show, GLEE truly finished off the first half of the season on a high note. What’s in store for Finn when we return?
A lot of singing, dancing and acting — most of which I feel like I’ve forgotten having spent so much time in publicity and promotion land! But the great thing about the fall finale is that it opened up a lot in the second half of the season. There’s going to be a lot of interesting stuff with Finn and Rachel, Finn and Puck, we really hit the ground running.

Damn you Glee kids are your secrecy! Care to be a little more specific? You know, to placate the millions of fans who are counting down the days until the show’s return.
I really can’t tell you anything!

Will Finn find it in himself to ever forgive Puck?
I really don’t know which way it’s going to go. I hope that it’s not all instantly reconciled. I hope it becomes another layer to their hopefully complicated relationship in the future. That’s the really interesting thing about series television, when writers are great — like we have the pleasure of having on our show — it just becomes another layer in the performance.

And lastly, with Finn being the de-facto leader of the Glee Club, do you think having to continually push down his emotions will wear on him?
I think part of Finn’s growth is having a memory of those wrongs and responding to those wrongs in a way. Not being petty, or small, but being human.

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