Morning Static: LIFE UNEXPECTED, Charlie Sheen, David Anders & More!

• An unexpected spoiler alert, look who’s back in Lux’s life.
• Brace yourself for One and a Half Men, with Charlie Sheen entering Rehab (Again!)
• Holy Sark! ALIAS baddie David Anders to drop by Mystic Falls for a multi-episode arc.
• Wonderful news: WONDERFALLS Caroline Dhavernas has snagged one of the three leads in Shonda Rhimes’ new medical pilot OFF THE MAP.
• Second lease on life for PAST LIFE star Kelly Kiddish, who signs onto Jerry Bruchkeimer’s CHASE.

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  • Ace

    Ugh, I had forgotten that Life Unexpected was moving to 8 on Mondays soon. That is not good for it at all.

  • Dave

    Does anyone else think the worst thing about the show is the old friends? Bug and the girl? Can’t stand anytime they are on the show.

  • Nick

    No, Dave, absolutely not. I love Bug (such a great actor) and Lux’s other friends. It’s essential that we include more of Lux’s previous 16 years in order to fully appreciate the premise of this show. Trying to balance and blend the two worlds is something never explored before on TV.

    I’m hoping more young people can discover the show at 8pm, since LUX is a family series. Getting it away from 24, 2.5 Men & Big Bang can only improve the ratings.

  • grumpyoldman

    Bug is the worst part of Life Unexpected. He’s so annoying. I was so happy when we thought he was gone.

  • Nick

    Go back to sleep, Grumpy.

  • Dave

    Grumpy, I completely agree. Him and the girl are basicly on the show to just show up all the time and whine to Lux and complain about wah we have it so bad.

  • Dave, Grumpyoldman,

    While I’m not a fan of Tasha, I have to completely disagree about Bug. On Monday’s episode, actor Rafi Gavron (who incidentally is actually British!) delivered a fantastically heartfelt performance which transformed his somewhat one-note teenage hoodlum into a three dimensional character I really found myself sympathizing with. I’m happy we get to see him again and hope the show will continue to show his character’s growth and path to making something out of his life.

  • Jenny

    I don’t really care for Bug either, but I do get there is a lot more story to tell with the character. Plus isn’t he Lux’s first love? They usually don’t just vanish so quickly like that.