AMERICAN IDOL Season 9 Results: Who Went Home

Dying to know which contestants America sent packing tonight, but not enough to actually sit through the commercial-filled, over-produced, hour-long borefest that was tonight’s AMERICAN IDOL results show? No problem, that’s what is here for!

Clockwise from top left: Tyler Grady, Ashley Rodriguez, Janell Wheeler and Joe Muñoz.

Photo Credit: FOX

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  • Nick

    See there, now, viewers….that took 2-seconds. Not three days and 4 fours of commercials. Thanks, TVA.

  • brandon

    heh, you have the wrong pic for ashley rodriguez

  • brandon,
    fixed as you were commenting 🙂 but thanks for the heads up.

  • Josh C.

    im surprised people still care about this show to be honest.

  • J.Crew

    It was so wrong to send Joe home! He was insanely better than that Tim guy! STUPID!

  • hmmm actually most of the singers this year are not as good as the previous years.

  • mp

    All 4 elimination are completely wrong. I`m shocked. Ashley has most potenial. Haelly, Tim, Alex and Lacey were so bad, they shoud go! America got it wrong.

  • J

    Janell and Joe shouldn’t have been eliminated. Neither of them should’ve been considered in the bottom two of their groups.

    But in bigger news for me, I couldn’t believe it last night when they started playing Will Young’s “Leave Right Now” as the farewell song. That’s so awesome! I’ve liked Will for years and as the first ever Idol, it’s cool to see him getting such a high profile exposure.