In Defense of Your AMERICAN IDOL Top 24


Having actually subjected ourselves to back-to-back episodes of AMERICAN IDOL this week, we’re not about to go all Paula (translation: crazy) on you by defending the Top 24. But what we will do — following a morning of procrastination from actual work that had us reading one too many headlines that have all but written off the season as the, “Worst Top 24 EVER!” — is take a moment to defend these poor contestants.

True, with the exception for Casey James on the guys side and Lilly Scott on the girls, those were indeed four hours of our life we’ll never get back. And, thanks in no small part to contestants making poor decision after poor decision on everything from song choice and interpretation to wardrobe, for very long hours at that! That said, who in their right mind wouldn’t be a massive barrel of nerves knowing full well that this week’s performance could quite literally change the course of their entire life? Which is why, before you give up on these Top 24, it might behove you to keep in mind that it usually takes more than a week or three to find the next Kelly, Kris or David (Squared). We’re just sayin’

Photo Credit: Patrick Ecclestein/FOX

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  • J

    I have to disagree with you. I think Casey James is incredibly overrated. He’s like another Ace Young. Moderately talented, people gush over him because they think he’s hot (which I don’t). I bet he’ll probably place somewhere in the middle of the Top 12.

    I’d also point out that in past years, the first week of live competition was never as bad as it was this week. There were always some people who did great. But this week, there was literally no one. Even my early favorite, Andrew, did poorly. Things are not looking good.

  • J,
    Fair enough, but I’d argue (and did!) that it’s a little early to write off the rest of the season 🙂

  • Nick

    Egad! Ace Young…hot?? Barf. I just saw a pic this week…I think he’s on Broadway now…and he’s just as creeeeepy as ever. Boy, did we have low standards when he was a contestant.

    I’m intrigued by Tim Urban, but certainly not enough to watch Idull.

  • Nick,

    Tim Urban and his Justin Bieber wannabe haircut have to go. I’m sorry, he was brutal.

  • TVFan

    This week IDOL was brutal, but I’m giving it a week or two more before I stop caring.

    Oh and Nick, pulleeaasseee… if Tim Urban weren’t a cutie, he wouldn’t have even made it to Hollywood.